How to configure WordPress for rapid traffic surges

WordPress Website Development

Summary  Every business wants its website to attract as much traffic as it can. But the question is- Can your website efficiently handle all of the sudden traffic? This post will equip you with a guide to prepare your WordPress website for rapid traffic surges. By implementing these recommendations, you not only enhance the resilience … Read more →

How to use audience insights for better audience targeting 

One of the main reasons that marketers love audience insights is because it provides opportunities for specific groups of people to be connected with. Audience insights provide unparalleled understanding about consumers, based on factors like their age, gender, interests and behaviours.  Keep reading to find out how audience insights can be used to better target … Read more →

A Complete Guide To Visitor Recording and How To do It For Your Website

Visitor behaviour analysis is a vital part of any business and session recording is a major tool for that. It gives you an understanding of the likings and dislikings of your potential customers and helps you to improve the performance of your website. Increasing the conversion rate is the ultimate objective of any online business. … Read more →

How to Avoid Traffic Jams Like a Boss

How bad is the traffic in your town? The data is in, commutes are getting longer, with the average commute in the U.S. inching up to 27 minutes, which means the average driver spent about 97 hours in stop-and-go gridlock—or the equivalent of two-and-a-half work weeks. Depending on where you live, those numbers could be … Read more →

5 Proven Tactics To Improve The Existing Backlinks To Your Site

Link building techniques have changed over the years, with the emphasis currently being on building authentic and relevant backlinks with authority sources. The idea is to serve informative and valuable content that attracts backlinks naturally, without having to make conscious efforts for the same. Link building is a consistent effort that takes quite some time … Read more →

How to Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

Without visitors to your Amazon listings you have no sales. In the early days of Amazon you could put just about anything up and it would sell. However, as the power of Amazon has spread into every corner of retail, most product categories are crowded and competitive. Getting eyeballs on your listings and showing up … Read more →

Why Your Website Should Always Include Video Content

It doesn’t take a content marketing specialist to see the value of video content in today’s digital landscape. It does, however, take one to fully understand its benefits and build a well-executed strategy based around it. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to a mere 10% through written … Read more →

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website without Investing in SEO or Content Marketing

Every powerful digital marketing campaign rests on SEO and content marketing as some of the most effective traffic boosters. However, optimizing your site for search engines is not the only way to drive more traffic and improve your search results. On the contrary, you need to find a way to diversify traffic to your site. … Read more →

TechPatio: Blog comments disappears during Summer 2013

Dear readers, This is a notice, and a small heads-up, that the normal blog commenting system (WordPress-based) will disappear from during Summer of 2013, more specifically, during June and July for sure, and I may even extend it to cover August as well. The WordPress-based commenting system currently supports users leaving their name and … Read more →