Helpful Tips To Drive The Right People To Your Website

A look at common website analytics will tell you what is effective and what isn’t. You may be surprised to find that certain things which would seem intuitively effective do nothing, and that which seems entirely pointless ends up getting you substantial traffic. Thankfully, it’s not all abstract. There is much to be said for properly designed quality content.

Look at pictures, as an example. What’s more likely to be shared: a smudgy shot of a blurry person in muted colors, or a clear shot of an easily identifiable individual in a clear and attractive color scheme? It seems pretty obvious that the second picture will be more likely to attain views and likes. Unless, of course, the first picture is of a ghost.

A blurry, smudgy photograph of a UFO, a ghost, an apparition, or some monster is likely to go a little bit viral if it is put before the right audience. But that’s a pretty “fringe” scenario, isn’t it? Unless your business involves ufology and cryptids, you may want to stick with clear pictures that have color schemes which please the eye.

It turns out that videos, photographs, and infographics are—according to most analytical tools—very good for your website’s SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. We’ve asked one of the pros in the niche at to clarify a bit on couple of our inquiries and the answer was: “Basically, everything matters. First things first, you need to create an interactive, beautiful stuff that won’t drive your people away, or insane when they see your site. After design and functionality basics, you’ll need to optimize everything and build your own strategy. This is something that implies, but we’ve seen people jumping over a few steps. That’s not how it works.”
The more images of this type you have, the more visible you’ll be digitally. One social media platform designed just for such content is called Instagram, and it’s worth considering.

Instagram Considerations

There are a lot of good reasons that brands should incorporate Instagram stories. Exposure, trending popularity, the increase of IoT (Internet of Things) technology specifically designed around social media, covering your “bases”—the list goes on.

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of stuff like this one: “Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for photos and short video clips. The aim is to connect with as many other users as possible and collect likes for your pictures. Instagram is mainly about inspiration in the areas of #fashion, #beauty, #travel, #food, #nature, and much more.”

Still, as mentioned earlier in this writing, if you’re going to make effective use of Instagram, you’ve got to optimize your posts and get in the habit of doing so. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have an optimized social media platform that draws people in for more in-depth, relevant contact. What this ultimately means is an increase in clientele.

Sure, this will not happen in the beginning. Social media works in a way of being constantly active, thus, no matter how fast or slow you decrease or increase in audience, you always have to stay active and interact everywhere. Take caution also of things you should not be doing.

Statistically, if you’ve created your Instagram profile correctly and included proper links to your home page that are visible and positioned such (in accordance with SEO data) that they have the highest likelihood of being clicked on, you’re going to see an increase in clients. As visibility goes up, so do sales and client conversions.

Other Realms Of Social Media

Instagram is just one of many social media platforms that can be used just this way. Optimized posts presented at the most opportune time in an amenable, useful, aesthetically pleasing way are going to get more likes and shares. Once you’ve mastered Instagram, then you might move on to Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Facebook, Minds, Gab, or any of a dozen other social media platforms.

This may seem a little outrageous, but you can even use dating apps like Tinder to advertise—businesses are doing that with increasing regularity. Of course, you’ll have to be careful—those on this platform may not be your target market. That’s one of the most important aspects of content marketing through social media: hitting the right market.

Provided you’ve properly aimed efforts at the right target market, designed content with the best possible optimization you can attain, and been consistent to regularly post new things, you’re very likely to see client expansion.

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  1. My first choice is always content marketing because it gives organic traffic as well. Social media does play important role in driving traffic.


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