These five reasons could be the cause of losing traffic on your website

Five ways to lose traffic on your website

One of the keys of Inbound Marketing is to generate quality traffic to your website. That is to say, that here also the maximum of the voucher is fulfilled littler (traffic) and well (qualified) than much and badly. Anyway, it is also true that nobody likes to lose visitors. Getting us to visit is a victory, but we still have the most important thing: loyalty.

In other occasions we explained how to increase traffic and what were some secrets of SEO. On this occasion, we will try not to lose a bit of the land you have been conquering on the internet. And is that many companies seem intent on paddling against the current by incorporating annoying elements in their sites, which make the bounce rate soar. Or what is the same, that users flee.

Videos that play alone

Your visitors are smart enough to click on a video if they want to see it. Therefore, force us: that will make them irritate. Especially, if at that time they are talking on the phone or working in the office. You have to think about the unexpected noise they generate, so the more than certain consequence of this invasion of privacy will be the immediate closure of the page by the user.

Free stock images

Please, do not include free stock photos in your Inbound Marketing strategy! Forget about using those generic images that you have in your file and in which appear groups of unknown people doing anything but tasks related to your business. What should you do? Take pictures of your employees and workplaces so that visitors know what they are like. Even a photo taken with a mobile phone is better than those that appear in the free stocks. Buzzfeed brings us a sample of absolutely useless stock images. Have fun with them, but do not use them!

Websites that look like turtles

Reducing Page-Speed (the time it takes to load a page) is another of the specific challenges that we must face in our Inbound Marketing plan. If your page takes more than a few seconds to load, you may lose visitors. Each additional second of waiting (especially in a mobile site) means that more visitors leave your website. Test the loading times of your page to make sure they are not excessive. You can do it here.

Unclear contact information

Inbound Marketing consists, above all, in providing value to the client. Therefore, we should not be surprised about the loss of traffic due to the lack of contact information for our company. We must be very clear when it comes to indicating who we are and how people can deal with us (whether by phone, chat, email or postal mail).

Although we live in the millennial era, the internet is still a confusing medium for many people. We have to offer adequate information about our organization and guide our actions to generate trust among users. They should know who we are, where we are, what we do and why, and what they can get from us.

Illegible texts

Many designers think that the excess of creativity is always good to attract people, but, in fact, the advisable thing is to bet for a balanced approach. For example, imagine a white text on a black background. It is true that it is used in some places, but also that it is very unusable.

We must also avoid fonts with tiny bodies or sources, at least, aberrant. This is why many people hate guys like Comic Sans. Develop a simple site, with one or two attractive colors that are easily readable. Here are a few tricks.

On the other hand, try to publish short texts on your website. Especially, in your home pages. Use short and direct sentences, position keywords in a natural way (do not fill them without any criteria!) And add subtitles (tags H2, H3 …) so that readers (and Google robots!) can easily find that information they are looking for.

I have personally tested this on my money site cheap flights to Copenhagen from UK website and found dramatic changed in my traffic and organic visibility in Search Engine.

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My aim is to work with all those people who want to do business with their business names only. They have vision and they are mature enough to play smartly. If you can do work with that mentality then dare to contact me I would convert your coffee into a mindset which you should have for your business to bring it on next level.

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