5 Proven Tactics To Improve The Existing Backlinks To Your Site

Link building techniques have changed over the years, with the emphasis currently being on building authentic and relevant backlinks with authority sources. The idea is to serve informative and valuable content that attracts backlinks naturally, without having to make conscious efforts for the same. Link building is a consistent effort that takes quite some time to show effective results. While building new ones is important, you should also keep an eye on the existing ones and make efforts to strengthen them. Here are some proven tactics that you can to improve the existing back link that you already have.

Optimize your anchor texts

The foremost thing to do is to optimize the anchor text distribution because the lack of results may be attributed to the absence of anchor text optimization. Not using optimized anchor text means that you will be unable to get SEO boost for your website. If anything seems amiss, a backlink analysis is recommended to identify the unoptimized anchor texts so that you can take action to replace them. You simply need to request the source site and get the anchor text changed.

Link recovery

Another common yet disconcerting issue with existing backlinks is that some of them may be broken or lost over a period of time. In simple words, these are the back link which lead to pages that no longer exist. Such links are harmful for your SEO rankings, hamper the user experience and have a negative impact on conversions as well. The best tactic to resolve this problem is to locate such links and fix them, usually by removal or redirection to a useful destination.

Content repurposing

Repurposing refers to refreshing the old content and presenting it in a different format. For instance, you can try repurposing an original blog post into a newsletter, slideshow or infographic. This tactic is like serving old wine in a new bottle and makes the content more engaging for the target audience. Further, a single content idea can be leveraged for multiple sites, which obviously gets you a wider online reach with less effort.

Blogger outreach

Another excellent tactic to improve your existing backlinks is by utilizing the power of niche influencers to extend your audience base. You can try availing manual blogger outreach by Outreach Monks to connect with reputed niche influencers and convince them to publish the content on their blog sites, thus using your existing links for sharing by influencers. Blogger outreach strategy can do wonders for your business reach.

Social signals

Social media sharing emerges as one of the most effective strategies to get exposure for your existing content and back links. It has the potential to create buzz around your services by promoting your content across a wider audience and fortify your SEO efforts as well. It also boosts the engagement rates and enhances the credibility of your website.

While building new back link is something critical for your website, you cannot afford to ignore the existing ones. You need to work on improving them for the better, which will definitely strengthen your site’s SEO with lesser efforts and for faster results.

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