A Complete Guide To Visitor Recording and How To do It For Your Website

Visitor behaviour analysis is a vital part of any business and session recording is a major tool for that. It gives you an understanding of the likings and dislikings of your potential customers and helps you to improve the performance of your website. Increasing the conversion rate is the ultimate objective of any online business. … Read more →

31 Days to make a Better Web Blog!

Every blogger on the Internet wants to create a better blog to enhance the number of people who read. You can build a better blog in 31 days to attract more number of readers. Here, are some important activities given to make a better blog in just 31 days: Day 1: Mail a New Reader … Read more →

How Exhibiting Can Boost Your Blog

Visitor stats, comments, hits – we all check our blog numbers and are frequently left disappointed.  How do these other blogs do it?  What’s their secret to getting all their followers? There are, of course, the standard ways of getting your blog known – social media, email blasts, websites, online advertising, etc.  Have you ever … Read more →

How to Improve Your SEO with StatCounter Analytics Data

All website owners who take their SEO seriously have some sort of Web analytics script running on their sites to monitor performance. One of the most feature-rich is StatCounter. This free yet powerful service can provide a ton of valuable data that you can use to refine your SEO strategies. While it’s impossible to describe … Read more →

Have You Thought about Web Site Conversion Rates?

A website conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors that end up making a purchase. Having a website is essential for business as it allows them to easily market their products and even interact with current and potential customers. However, owning a website is not enough.Businesses need to make money and thus it does … Read more →

15 Minutes Of Fame & How To Instantly Boost Visitors To Your Blog

That title caught your attention, huh? How to instantly boost visitors to your blog! Now that would be something… before I tell you the secret, first have a look at this pageviews graph screenshot within my WordPress dashboard. I took this screenshot right before midnight, so the day was almost over – I’m sure you … Read more →