7 Reasons why your Website Sucks and Why People Avoid It

Perhaps you have decided to create a website many times but have always seen your efforts end up in a failure.

Experiencing trouble with your website?

It is important for the ranking of your website with the SEOs that the visitors stay on your website and see what you have displayed for them. It is possible that many times your visitors leave your website more quickly and do not go through the content that you have made available for them. If you want to know the reasons for it and also learn about some common things to avoid having on your website to make it a success then hang on and read further ahead.

Reasons behind why this happens?

  • Auto sound: this is something that makes people leave your website quickly. It is possible that at time when you visit a website a sound or a video starts playing automatically. This distracts the visitors to the website and they avoid it altogether the next time they log in. many people also have background music of their choice playing on their website and they think it might please the visitors however this is not the case. The background music might annoy your visitors and they might leave it before viewing the content. Therefore auto sound or background music on your website is one major reason for its failure.
  • Complex or bad navigation: if the visitors find the navigation system on your website complex or bad they might leave your website within seconds. It is important therefore to make your navigation system as simple and as effective as possible.
  • Slow loading: slow loading of your website even on a high speed network connection might make people leave your website or not visit it altogether.
  • Too many pop-ups: if your site has too many pop-ups, it will be responsible for the less visitors you get on it. Pop-ups distract the visitors and they try to avoid sites which have too many of them
  • Lack of relevant information or useless content: the main reason somebody will stick to your website despite everything else will be its content. If your website does not contain relevant content then there is a big chance that people will avoid it altogether.
  • Outdated information: if your site contains outdated information, people will stop referring or getting back to it in the future. You need to make sure your website remains up to-date all the time.
  • Boring: your content might be boring or the appearance of your website might just be plain dull. Make sure you make your website colorful, in an accepted manner and try to add only relevant yet interesting content.

What should be done to avoid it?

You can always try to avoid the points mentioned above for a better traffic to your website and its success. Make your content interesting and not too over bright so that everything else remains balanced on it.

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23 thoughts on “7 Reasons why your Website Sucks and Why People Avoid It”

  1. Pop ups, too many ads, and slow loading make me annoyed. Audio ads or very bad ads I simply never return. As they simply don’t care.

  2. With faster internet technology and device from which internet can be accessed from remote location with same speed, your website must load quickly and must not have things like pop ups or too much advertising space which annoys your audience.

  3. I do find pop-ups a big turn off, especially when it pops up with every page navigation. I would never want to go back to that website again.

  4. Pop-out’s are very distracting and annoying specially when it come out every minute or any certain seconds. Kinda irritating that it will block the post you want to read, I’ve experienced this. So true, it’s one of the reason why people leave your page. other common mistakes are missing edits, not interesting topics and dull environment.

  5. I think I know another one: the website has general traffic, but not targeted traffic and this is how many of your visitors are, in fact, not interested in what your website offers

  6. Hey Nice article but If you use more than a touch of Flash, then in most cased your website is at the very least moving towards the suckage end of the spectrum.

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  8. Website should be made simple and efficient. When people are searching through a business website, they are not looking for fun and games. They’re looking specifically for information about your products, services, and your company. Nothing should pop up without someone voluntarily clicking for it to do so. The design of the website should enable browsing from one section to another to be seamless.

    Above all else, don’t try to please everybody with your website. Create your website to attract the business of a certain niche. Figure out what your niche is and design your website around it.

  9. Hah it’s so funny that there are still websites with auto sound. Seems so 90’s. Great advice. It’s interesting to see google start to really reward websites that load quickly, have a low bounce rate and are of overall quality. Good stuff.


    • you’re right anurag the main thing is too many popups open at start-up why people want popups dialogue for the website?

  10. Great bunch of information has been extracted here. It’s so annoying when there’s slow loading sites & having bad navigation. People simply quit without struggling with such sites. Thanks for the post.

  11. Slow navigation & too many pop ups are something that irritate me a lot while I surf the net. Hope those people see this post make their websites better.

    Thanks for sharing.


  12. auto sound is a big nono, I hate it when a site has sound it almost always is set to high and is annoying. I find these mostly on fashion sties but there are still a few others as well. The other big thing I hate is a pop up that keeps coming everytime you go there. if you have clicked x once you should never see it again unless it changes or have it reset monthly. I have always having to x out of a window to see what i came there for.

  13. Couldn’t agree with you more about autosound, pop-ups and slow loading speed.

    Another thing that really gets me are exit splashes – if I’m trying to leave a website and I get a “BUT WAIT!” box appear, then another and another I will never EVER go back to that site.

    Most things are the web owners fault – except page speed, as I’ve been finding some hosts have recently really throttled back their speeds – servage in particular – especially for database driven sites like WP.

  14. Oh man, there are still so many bad sites out there. I mean really bad designs with default colors and pop-ups everywhere. Please people, don’t make anymore of those

  15. Too many pop-ups and the auto-sound make me always upset and angry. And then I usually leave the page. Sometimes it’s hard to find the button which turns off the auto-sound. I think these are the biggest mistakes a web designer can do.

  16. Boring content is an interesting one. I guess it comes down to what you find interesting, vs others.

    Topic has to be precise, but also broad enough for mass appeal.

  17. Everyone wants fresh and quality content and clear navigation on the website / webpage that is the most important and if they are not proper then most of the people avoid that site / web page.


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