Google Wave Invitations Giveaway – Free!

I don’t know if Google Wave invitations are still hot. I’ve given lots of them away in the past and back then, they sure were hot! Anyway, I have 8 Google Wave invites available, so if you want one, just leave a comment below. That way I’ll havey our e-mail address, so you don’t have … Read more →

Free Google Wave Invites Giveaway For Tweeps

Greetings, Twitter user! You’re here because somebody (probably myself) tweeted the link to this page and because you would like one of my free Google Wave invitations, ain’t that right? Well, it just so happens that I have 25 of them available (see proof below). I’ve given away Google Wave invitations two times before. Both … Read more →

Google Wave Invitations – Come And Get’em, They’re Still Free!

Google Wave is a rather new and fancy product from Google that’s still in preview and so it’s not possible to join it instantly. You can, however, get invited and get access faster than if you apply directly at Google. Google Wave is a shared workspace where you can discuss stuff, work, communicate with friends, … Read more →

Mozilla Raindrop – An Alternative To Google Wave?

Google Wave has been getting a lot of buzz in the world of tech lately, as more and more people are getting invitations and access to join Google Wave and try out the preview version. Mozilla, the team behind applications such as Firefox and Thunderbird, now introduced their “alternative” to Google Wave. It’s called Raindrop. … Read more →

15 Minutes Of Fame & How To Instantly Boost Visitors To Your Blog

That title caught your attention, huh? How to instantly boost visitors to your blog! Now that would be something… before I tell you the secret, first have a look at this pageviews graph screenshot within my WordPress dashboard. I took this screenshot right before midnight, so the day was almost over – I’m sure you … Read more →

icloud – free operating system in The Cloud

One of the important buzz words of the year is still “cloud”. Meaning, to store your data in the cloud. Out there, up there, down there, wherever the servers might be located now a days. It’s also pretty clever, you get access to your data whenever, wherever, without having to use your own computer.

The ability to always have access to everything you need, pictures, movies, contacts, calender and so on, is the vision behind icloud, which provides you with a free operating system in the cloud. All you need is a web browser.

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