Get your free Google+ invite here! [Google Plus]

CLOSED!! After sending out almost 200 Google+ invites over the past few days, I’ve decided to close the giveaway for now, as I’ve already spent so much time doing this 🙂 Hopefully Google+ will be made available to the public soon enough, so stay tuned!

I did a few invitation-giveaway posts back in the Google Wave days, so why not do it with Google+ also, since I’m able to invite people to Google’s new social network, their “Facebook killer”. Honestly, I have no idea how hot Google+ invitations are at the moment, since Google+ is still in a closed beta stage. But I’ll give it a try and see if someone is interested…

I don’t know how many invitations I can send, but if it starts to block me from sending them out, then I’ll update this post.

How to get your free Google+ invitation:

  1. Leave a comment below, write whatever you want.
  2. Please try to use a gmail e-mail address, as I’m not sure if invitations goes out to non-gmail users. If you don’t get the invitation, it’s not my problem – use a gmail address if you want to be sure.
  3. Please retweet this post on Twitter or like it on Facebook (use the buttons below, please)  as a way of saying “thank you for the invite”. I’d appreciate it 🙂

I’ll reply to your comment below, once I’ve sent the invitation out (so you know when to expect it). It should arrive within minutes after me sending the invitation.

NOTE #1: If you write your e-mail address in the actual comment (below), then don’t blame me if spam-bots finds it and start sending your spam. Therefor, it’s best to only write the email in the designated e-mail field, then it won’t be published.

NOTE #2: It’s impossible to know when Google+  is “over capacity”, so if they won’t let you in after you have received the invitation, you must wait maybe a few hours/days. Just keep checking, because once you have an invitation, you will be able to join when they open up for new registration!

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