Google Wave Invitations – Come And Get’em, They’re Still Free!

google_wave_invitation_logoGoogle Wave is a rather new and fancy product from Google that’s still in preview and so it’s not possible to join it instantly. You can, however, get invited and get access faster than if you apply directly at Google.

Google Wave is a shared workspace where you can discuss stuff, work, communicate with friends, co-workers etc., using text, photos and a bunch of other media.

A wave is a collection of messages, called clips, that you can edit and reply to. It also has this cool feature where you can see what other people are typing – while they type. It sounds and looks cool but it easily gets annoying knowing that the recipient is looking at all the mistakes you make and if you write something you regret and quickly delete before sending the message, the other participant(s) might already have seen it. Think before you type 🙂

Okay, so I assume you’re here for the free invites. I’ve had access to Google Wave for a few weeks now and I already offered 6 fre Google Wave invitations earlier and now I have another 12 invitations available, still free.

google_wave_invitations_12In order to get your hands on one of those 12 free Google Wave invitations, you must do two out of the three following things – and then write a comment below containing a link to your profile at the sites, so I can verify that you have actually done those two of the three things asked from you:

  1. Tweet this post – please use the retweet button at the bottom of this post. Then post a link to your tweet or your twitter username, in the comments below, e.g.:
  2. Digg this post, using the button in the same area as the retweet button. Then post a link to your Digg profile, in the comments below, e.g.:
  3. Stumble this post. If you have the StumbleUpon toolbar installed, just click “I like it”, otherwise you can click the “Stumble” button below, in the same area as Digg/Tweet. Then post a link to your StumbleUpon profile page, e.g.:

Next, write a comment below with links to two out of the above three sites so I can confirm you have done it. That’s all I ask for, in return for those free invitations 🙂  The invitations will be sent out within an hour, or sooner.

Only 12 invitations available, so it will be the first 12 comments containing two links/usernames, so I can confirm the digg/tweet/stumble. If you only do one of the things, you will not get an invitation.

There’s just one catch though, on the invitation-page it says, well, let me just quote Google:

Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.

Meaning, you will not receive the invitation immediately, but it should appear in your Inbox within a few days, in my experience. A lot faster than waiting for Google to approve your application, which could take weeks.

In case you missed out on the invitations or you don’t want to digg/stumble, check out where you can tweet to win a Wave invitation, over the next 10 days.

Happy waving!


What a run, amazing. It took just 45 minutes for all 12 invitations to be sent out. Below you’ll find a screenshot where you can see the first part of the e-mail addresses that received an invitation. You should have it in your inbox within the next few days, if you made it in time. Thanks to everybody for participating and may you enjoy Google Wave 🙂


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    • Thank you – your digg & tweet has been verified and your e-mail address added to the Wave invitation list.

    • Sorry – your tweets are protected so I can’t verify and you didn’t post your digg/stumble username as asked for. Try to Tweet contest over at if you like, link at the bottom of the post above.

    • It seems you didn’t digg it, your Digg page says “Aaron Spencer has no recent activity. ”

      I hope you can make it and re-post, befor all 12 invites are gone.

  5. twitter:
    digg: raowen
    .-= Robert Owen´s last blog ..Friday Funny: The Afterlife =-.

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  8. I still can’t feel the vibe for Google Wave, I havent even gone to look at the page yet. Maybe Im overwhelmed by all the Twitter, Facebook etc. etc. etc.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Halloween Costume Contest Pictures and Voting =-.

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  10. Late for the party again 🙂 …story of my life. Very cool of you to give out the invites though. It’s like when Gmail first rolled out, I had to beg people for an invite.
    I agree with John though, I don’t know if I’m ready for Wave yet.
    .-= Alan @ Basin Glass Co.´s last blog ..Freedom to choose. =-.

    • Sorry to hear that 🙁 Go check out the twitter competition at Jacob Yap (link at the bottom of this article) – maybe you can win one there?

      Otherwise, if I receive any more invitations, I’ll try to remember to give you a heads up about when I post another one of these “parties”.

    • Story of your life, huh? Think twice… cause I just added you to the invitation list 😀 I received some extra invitations. Hopefully it’s in your inbox within a few days.

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  12. Oh heck, I was too late to take advantage of a freebie! I’m itching to try Google Wave, maybe one day 😉
    .-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Updated my WordPress Permalinks with the Permalink Migration Plugin =-.

    • That’s too bad, sorry to hear that 🙁 I’ll also try to keep you in mind, if I receive any further invitations.

  13. Oh well, it appears that I have arrived late. Like you, I would not know what to do about it yet, but it would have been fun if I had an invite just to see what the fuzz is all about. Will have to be patient I guess…
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Amazon’s Make Money With Twitter Program =-.

    • You’re in luck – I just received 6 more invitations, so I added you too. Should arrive in a few days 🙂

      • Wow. That’s awesome.. Can’t wait. Thanks, really appreciate it…
        .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Amazon’s Make Money With Twitter Program =-.

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  15. Hi,
    here is mine 🙂

    twitter name: jamezparker
    .-= James @ Software Development Company´s last blog ..Increase Your ROI with a Software Development Company =-.

  16. I have plenty of invitations (about 17 of them). I should do what you did to spread news about my site while giving them away 😀
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..Craving Tech goes live! Please update your bookmarks! =-.

  17. Hey Klaus what happening just visiting around.I have a wave developer acct but it’s really not a real account more like a sandbox thingy.I was going to get involved but I’m getting tired of Google. So actually I’m just trying to get around and visit people that have been to my blog and spread some LUV 🙂
    Hope you have an awesome day. thanks
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..Apartment 1503 is haunted by Ghosts =-.

  18. Where do you get the invites from? I have had a wave account for several weeks now and I don’t see invites anywhere. Should I be looking somewhere specific?
    .-= Anne at´s last blog ..Twitter Do and Don’t List for Webmasters =-.

  19. Dear Klaus,
    Looks like am out of the running, but it is still worth a read and to see individuals getting their free invites. What a wonderful way to connect. 🙂
    Hope you are well.
    Kind Wishes

    • Hi Ana. I sent you an invitation – I got some extra 🙂 You should have it within a few days.
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..YouTube Opening Up for 1080p HD Video Next Week =-.

      • Dear Klaus,
        Thank you so much!
        I received it straight away, and both times I was just too eager to test it out that I had to wait a long while before it loaded. When I have a little bit more time I will get back on it and give it a proper first whirl.
        Thank you so much. 🙂
        .-= Ana´s last blog ..Human Reminder =-.

  20. Wow. Everyone really wants to try out Google Wave. Do you think it will be as large as Myspace or Facebook? They already have cool features and more will be added on soon.
    .-= Adrian Gonzalez´s last blog ..A New Way to Shrinking a URL – Teh.GD =-.

    • I don’t think Google Wave can be compared to Facebook and MySpace. It’s really something quite different. You would have to experience it to understand I guess, or read a bit about it.

      Right now, I don’t really like Google Wave as I have no use for it. But I see it as a great (potential) tool for the future.
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..iPhone Free Week: Introduction To A Week With HTC Tattoo (Android) =-.

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  24. If anyone had missed Google Waves Invites here, I am giving 15 invites.
    .-= techprism´s last blog ..Deep Secrets of 30 Expert Bloggers for Successful Blogging =-.


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