Droid Attacks iPhone. iPhone Strikes Back.

First, Motorola placed their Droid in the ring, to take a shot at the iPhone, with this iDon’t commecial, advocating that “all the things your iOhone doesn’t do, Droid does.

Then, some iPhone users decide to strike back with the iDon’t Care video:

Despite Droid looking very interesting indeed, I’m still liking my iPhone and I’m not going to replace it with the Droid.

However, I do plan on taking an “iPhone free week” later this November, where I’ll only be using an Android based phone (probably the HTC Tattoo), only. We’ll see how that works out for me…

10 thoughts on “Droid Attacks iPhone. iPhone Strikes Back.”

    • I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Blackberry, but they are very uncommon in my countries and by looking at the operating systems in stores etc., I don’t think it looks that appealing.

  1. I love the open battles in competition, love them. I would have to say that the R2D2 skit at the end has me liking the iPhone commercial better.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Halloween Costume Contest Pictures and Voting =-.

    • Yeah I love the R2D2 bit too 😀

      Unfortunately the iPhone one is not a ‘commercia’, it’s merely a respond by (some) iPhone users, to the Droid commercial.

  2. I still think iPhone is the best out there right now. A friend has the HTC and even though it has some pretty cool features with Android, I think the iphone software is so much smoother and sleeker, phone itself is much better looking too.
    .-= Alan @ Basin Glass Co.´s last blog ..Freedom to choose. =-.

    • I agree, the iPhone is great. But how much greater than Android, I will most likely find out later this month when I’ll be having a week without iPhone, using only Android.

  3. Yep, I am not lining up to replace my iphone either. Apple has the UI down and it perfoms flawlessly. This is just a bunch of hype IMHO.

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  5. Well, my understanding is that the different hardware configurations of the various Droid phones effectively fracture the OS, so that apps don’t run smoothly across all Driod phones. This is not the case for iPhones, since there is just one config.


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