Friday Flick Find: Windows 7 Launch Party & Parody

Last week in Friday Flick Find we looked at DIY Virtual Reality goggles and the week before then we saw a “I’m a PC and I’m a Mac”-ad from Apple where they bash on Microsoft for their broken promises in their Windows releases. This week, we’re back at another Windows 7 video.

According to PC World, there has been doubts whether or not this Windows 7 Launch Party video was a joke – apparently it was not, unfortunately. Microsoft was even prepared to ship balloons and other PR stuff to PC users in countries such as USA, France and United Kingdom, to celebrate the Windows 7 launch.

The video is so bad, that I will show you the parody first. Then I’ll let you decide if you want to spend 6 minutes of your life (which you will never get back), watching the Windows 7 Launch Party video. Yes, I wasted the 6 minutes watching the video and I’m flabbergasted that I actually watched it to the end (but I had to, otherwise I couldn’t post it here!). At least I learned a few things on how to throw a party – though I doubt I will ever use any of them.

Parody video first… this one will teach you something about torrents too!

The original Windows 7 launch party video…

Notice at around 1 minute in, a guy saying “call customer service if you have any questions”…. is this normal for such videos or is people simply not able to think by themselves, that they can call customer service, if they have questions?

No wonder ratings were disabled for this video on YouTube.

Hey, who’s up for a late Snow Leopard launch party with an added bonus: iPhone 3GS? 😀

I’m sure we’ll hear lots more “ohhh”, “aahh” and “niiiice” than those at the Windows 7 party did!

4 thoughts on “Friday Flick Find: Windows 7 Launch Party & Parody”

  1. OMG – I watched as much of the real one as I could take, but it was painful. How lame! Thanks for the laugh – at them, not with them. 😀
    (tweeted, dugg, stumbled)
    .-= Christie´s last blog ..How to kill interruptions and prevent new ones from hatching =-.

    • Hehe yeah, laugh AT them, not WITH them – good one 🙂

      It really was terrible to watch… sorry to have wasted those precious minutes of your life 🙁

  2. That’s hilarious. The guy in the parady: “encrypt your d/l so your isp doesn’t see it” lol
    Who are these VPs at Microsoft who approve these ads? Is there anyone, aside from old ladies using the computer for the first time, who will actually take Microsoft seriously? They think people are idiots so they have to release these dumbed-down videos…and then they wonder why they lose market share and their product doesn’t make money.

    • lol – that “encrypt”-part made me laugh too 🙂 Great remark!

      Notice the diversity in the MS video – an old lady, a “geek”, a soccer mom (probably) and an African American … they really get around 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..FFF: iJustine Shows How To Shoot A Video (1 Chick, Lots Of Tips!) =-.


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