TinyGrab – A Snow Leopard Screenshot Sharing Alternative To GrabUp

macheist_nanobundle_tinygrab_grabup_alternativeTinyGrab is free for another 5 days as of today (November 7th 2009) – get it while it’s hot!

I’m getting a ton of visitors coming here searching for a GrabUp alternative, ending up at one of my previous post: GrabUp & Snow Leopard Does Not Mix – Possible Solution & Alternatives…

If you haven’t bought TinyGrab yet, it’s currently free as part of the MacHeist nanoBundle – get it here!

All the free applications in the MacHeist nanoBundle include:

  • ShoveBox
  • WriteRoom
  • Twitterrific
  • TinyGrab
  • Hordes of Orcs
  • Mariner Writer (not available yet)

That’s a total value of $154 which you can get for free. Seriously, there’s no catch. Just register a free account and you’ll get a license to all the applications, including TinyGrab which is usually £10.

In case you don’t know, TinyGrab doesn’t do much else than grab what screenshots you take on Snow Leopard and upload them to TinyGrab’s service or your own FTP server, for you to share with the world. It’s really fast and really easy. You can even browse for other image files to upload, if you want to quickly share a picture with somebody.

The only thing I’m missing from TinyGrab is an easy way of “cleaning up”. Some kind of “upload manager” so you could easily ask TinyGrab to delete previously uploaded items would be great.

But at least I have now a great replacement for GrabUp.

10 thoughts on “TinyGrab – A Snow Leopard Screenshot Sharing Alternative To GrabUp”

  1. Hey,

    First of all, thanks for the post!

    TinyGrab has an online control panel, which you can access at http://tinygrab.com/go/login where you can manage your images online.

    We are moving the control of online images into the application though, slowly but surely.

    Best wishes and enjoy the app!

    Chris Leydon.
    TinyGrab Project Manager.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment and for the clarification. What I was hoping for, was the ability to “manage” my uploads to my own FTP server – kinda like Skitch lets you do. But your option is certainly better than nothing and I’m sure using the TinyGrab upload service will be plenty useful for most people – and it will allow them to manage the images online too!

  2. Managing an FTP server from TinyGrab shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. Sounds like a good idea worth considering for a future release of TinyGrab!

    Thank you very much.

    Chris Leydon.
    TinyGrab Project Manager.

    • Sounds great. An addition to the “disabled” icon in the menu bar when uploading has been disabled, then TinyGrab is going to be epic 🙂

  3. I would like to recommend FileShuttle as well (http://www.getfileshuttle.com/)

    It does the same thing plus more, and is 100% free 🙂

    Besides the automatic screenshot-uploading, you can drag every type of file to the icon and the file will be uploaded and the link copied to your clipboard. If you drag more than one file to the icon a zip file will be created and uploaded. Furthermore you can drag text from a webpage to the icon, and a txt file will be created and uploaded.

    This is just the thing I have been looking for since GrabUp died… Too bad the Grab Team doesn’t want to do anything about GrabUp not working in Snow Leopard. I feel like I wasted my money…. But thanks to the free File Shuttle I don’t care anymore 🙂


    • Thanks for recommending FileShuttle. I tried it out a bit and it does seem to work fine and offers more uploads than Tiny Grab.

      But I’m not too crazy about having it in the dock all the time. What I liked about GrabUp was that it just sits in the menubar, not taking up Dock-space. TinyGrab does the same.

      If one has a need for uploading binary files, FileShuttle is probably the way to go.

  4. Oh yeah. Did I mention that we’re working on something similar to FS? We have a feeling that you’ll like it a little bit more too.

    Chris Leydon.
    TinyGrab Project Manager.

    • You’re welcome – I hope it was useful to you 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..New Cookie Law Will Require User Consent Before Placing Cookies =-.


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