GrabUp & Snow Leopard Does Not Mix – Possible Solution & Alternatives…

grabup_snow_leopard_thumbs_downOh bugger, I found another Mac application that doesn’t play nicely with Snow Leopard. This time it’s GrabUp.

GrabUp is a cute little application, resting nicely in the menubar until you need it. What it does, when you need it, is that it takes your screenshot and uploads it in a jiffy to either your own FTP or the web service at

While that may sound really simple and sooo not worth $20 for the Pro edition, it’s actually really useful if you have a need for uploading screenshots every now and then. Not a day goes by where I’m not using it at least a few times and people are always like  “wow, how did you upload that screenshot so fast?”.

But but but, GrabUp does not want to upload your screenshots from within Snow Leopard. I assume it’s because Snow Leopard changed the naming convention from “Picture x” to “Screenshot year-month-day & time of day” or something along those lines.

Now to the really bad part, the company behind GrabUp has not bothered to answer the question about whether or not a Snow Leopard version will be released, even though the question was actually asked 2 months ago. There’s no news about Snow Leopard on their website either.

So I guess for now we just have to search for alternatives, such as TinyGrab or Skitch (if you like to write and draw arrows etc. on your screenshots). The latter is pretty much a must-have no matter what screenshot-uploader software you might go for, if you have just the slighest need to draw on your screenshots/pictures and doesn’t want to shell out for Photoshop or similar just for that.

UPDATE – Sep. 9th
A blogger over at TUAW might have come up with a workaround to get GrabUp working with Snow Leopard, check it out (I haven’t tried it yet myself).

To bottom line it, the plugins (or applications, I guess you can call them) that I’m currently missing in Snow Leopard due to incompatibility are:

  • Letterbox for (mailbundle plugin, vertical preview pane for widescreen monitors)
  • Letter Opener for (mailbundle plugin, converts winmail.dat files) – update: now fixed!
  • MenuMeters for the menubar (shows disk activity, CPU, memory, network etc).
  • GrabUp (menubar / system preferences plugin, screenshot uploader)

And those two plugins/app caused me a bit of troubles getting to run:

  • DockStar for (mailbundle plugin that adds more badgets to your Mail icon in the dock)
  • Logitech Control Center (LCC) – Exposé not working properly (but can be fixed!)

4 thoughts on “GrabUp & Snow Leopard Does Not Mix – Possible Solution & Alternatives…”

  1. there is also Jing but it’s rather an alternative for Skitch than GrabUp (drawing arrows, writing text and it can also record a screencast). but still GrabUp is the fastest screenshot uploader you can get. it’s a pity it doesn’t work on Snow Leopard.
    .-= NiLok´s last blog ..QuakeLive dostępny dla Mac OS X i Linuksa =-.

    • That’s true, there’s also Jing. I think Jing might even be a bit more advanced than Skitch? Never the less, worth checking out for anybody in the market for such an application.

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