31 Days to make a Better Web Blog!

Every blogger on the Internet wants to create a better blog to enhance the number of people who read. You can build a better blog in 31 days to attract more number of readers. Here, are some important activities given to make a better blog in just 31 days:

Day 1: Mail a New Reader

  • The first task is to email or contact a new reader to comment on your blog.
  • Make a good impression on the new readers of your blog by selecting a new commenter who thanks the readers for their comments.

Day 2: Do an audit of first time Reader of the Blog

  • Let your friends and relatives read your blog.
  • Ask them some questions about the blog such as what their first impression was or it is easy to read and understand the blog or not.

Day 3: Join and Search new Forums on the topic of your Blog 

  • Make search and join forums present in your blog
  • Good forums maintain interactions with readers, create readership.

Day 4: Interlink the posts

  • Interlink the post on your blog.
  • Adding more contents to the blog will provide more chances to link the posts together to make more pages on the blog.

Day 5: Perform an ‘About Page’ Audit

One of the main pages in your blog is the ‘About Page’. This page contains the information about the blogger and the blog. It is used by the readers.

Day 6: Contact to an old Reader through Email  

Contact the readers who have been reading and commenting your blog because their comments play an important role to make your blog better.

Day 7: Make Plan for Next Posting

Next task is to plan the posting schedule to make the contents of the blog updated and informative.

Day 8:  Read and comment on other Blogs:

As a blogger, read the others’ blogs to look for the blogs that can be in your niche and add suitable comments to the blogs.

Day 9: Conduct advertising audit on your blog:

Make strategy about the design and development of the advertising audit such as changing the size and colour of the advertisements and monitor their performance.

Day 10 and Day 11: Improve sidebar and make statistics of your blog:

Blog clutter almost creeps up all the bloggers. Manage the design of your blog by deciding what to include in the sidebar. Similarly, do the analysis of statistics of your blog such as monitoring FAQs, popular posts, keywords etc.

Day 12 and Day 13: Introduction to another blogger and Searching for associated programs for blogs: 

Maintain relationships with other bloggers and look for affiliate programs for which you can put contents in your blog.

Day 14 and 15:

Make analysis for blog’s competition and stick your popular posts.

Day 16 and 17:

Make heat map for your blog to monitor readers’ activities and conduct campaigns to attract new readers.

Day 18 and 19:

Develop ‘Sneeze Page’ to direct multiple readers back to your archives and respond regularly to the comments of the readers.

Day 20 and 21:

Conduct a reader survey to monitor participation of readers and make new readers popular.

Day 22 and 23:

Connect the new readers with your blog and search for the dead link and remove it.

Day 24 and 25:

Conduct an audit for Search Engine Optimization for your blog to build more traffic of readers.

Day 26 and 27:

Link to other competitive blog in your position and look for the sponsorship of your blog to earn money.

Day 28 and 29:

Make clear for readers that what the objective of your blogging is. If a blogger is a reader of your blog mail him to say thanks for making good relationships.

Day 30 and 31: 

Visit social media sites to increase traffic on your blog and for branding purpose. Carry out SWOT analysis to monitor strengths, threats, opportunities and weaknesses in your blog.


After 31 days, you will have published and different styles of posts and a much better blog to attract and drive new readers. Your blog will contain updated and informative contents. You can find new ways to promote and advertise your blog.

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15 thoughts on “31 Days to make a Better Web Blog!”

  1. I am sure these tips can easily benefits us and by using them we can get hell useful effects on our blog. thanks to share with us.

  2. Great tips and if you break things down like list it becomes very manageable. I guess I am doing day 8 right now – reading and commenting on other blogs.

  3. hello
    really a eye catching title the tips u have mentioned there are really nice thnx for posting it ….these tips will help me a lot thnx for this nice i m bookmarking this page for my feature use 🙂

  4. I am working on my blog from last 1 year to make it better i could not do so
    even i done alot for my blog
    Do u have more handy tips?
    pls reply

  5. Hi,
    I have a question. Do you think Google gives me ‘weight’ to a page over a post? (When I talk about a page I mean a quality content page not a ‘about’ or ‘contact’ etc page). I’d be interested to know Google’s thoughts on that one. Thanks – Martin

  6. Hi,
    Re: Day 16 and 17:
    “…Make heat map for your blog to monitor readers’ activities and conduct campaigns to attract new readers.”

    – On that I would also say look at Google’s heat map for Adsense and viewers clicks. Google ‘heatmap’ to find out more. That’ll give you an indication of where best to put your Adsense ads. It’s an amazing thing to see. Just a thought – thanks, Martin

  7. Hi again,
    Sorry about all my comments, but…
    Re: Day 18 and 19:
    “…Develop ‘Sneeze Page’ to direct multiple readers back to your archives and respond regularly to the comments of the readers.”

    I think it’s mostly called a “squeeze page” (as in it sort of ‘squeezes’ the email address out of the viewer for more info) but if you want to call it a sneeze page then that is OK and a new creative way of thinking about it.
    Thanks – martin

  8. I think it would be helpful to mention that most of these tips can be done at the same time and not spread out at one per day.

  9. These blog tips are really very excellent for improving readers/visitors on the blog. I will try these 31 days tips for my next blog.

  10. Thanks for this 31 days course of making a better web blog. I am following all your steps you metioned.

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