Choosing the right keywords for your SEO strategy is crucial

Digital marketing has been very important nowadays and every website and every company tends to provide ads so that their company can grow more. Digital marketing provides services known as digital marketing services where we come to know about how a company raises its business using different types of methods. One such method is the … Read more →

A Brief History Lesson of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, matters. Everybody knows this nowadays. If you’re anything that has anything remotely to do with maintaining a website, you will undoubtedly have heard about SEO, know about SEO, maybe even researched it, and you will definitely have received spam from sketchy companies promising to take you to first place … Read more →

There is No Alternative to Proper Keyword Research for the Success of SEO

Researching the right keyword does not have to be tedious or boring. Using the correct tools and methods, you can easily generate a list of targeted keywords which are essential for your niche specifically. What you need to accomplish first is create the right ideas for your niche. You should begin this by locating the … Read more →

11 Free Keyword Research Tools to Find the Right Keywords

Keyword research is an ongoing activity that must proceed continually. But before you put any of your article out in public, you should always ask yourself; “Will my audience be able to find this piece of content easily?” This is exactly what keyword targeting aims to achieve. As you must know, the only way to … Read more →

Amazon Merchants Whisper the Right KeyWords

Products on Amazon are subject to optimization rather similar to products on a commercial website. Merchants aim to have their product descriptions appear on the first results of a search by a buyer. They have to pre-empt what words will be typed out. In amazon, not unlike in web search engines, those keywords can be … Read more →

How to Improve Your SEO with StatCounter Analytics Data

All website owners who take their SEO seriously have some sort of Web analytics script running on their sites to monitor performance. One of the most feature-rich is StatCounter. This free yet powerful service can provide a ton of valuable data that you can use to refine your SEO strategies. While it’s impossible to describe … Read more →

The Importance Of Keywords In Your Domain Name For SEO?

I often wonder exactly how important it is to have keywords in your domain name, so I would like to hear your thoughts on this. But first, let’s break down what we’re dealing with here, cause mostly you hear about keywords in the URL. An URL usually consists of two things, the domain name and … Read more →