Amazon Merchants Whisper the Right KeyWords

money-tradingProducts on Amazon are subject to optimization rather similar to products on a commercial website. Merchants aim to have their product descriptions appear on the first results of a search by a buyer. They have to pre-empt what words will be typed out. In amazon, not unlike in web search engines, those keywords can be deduced from past searches.

The more lately a keyword has been typed in by a shopper on Amazon, the more likely it will be typed again soon. It means that the keyword is trending be it because of an event or the season. An example is the demise of a famous musician, Michael Jackson brought about the rise in demand for merchandise related to him. A seasonal example is the influence of Christmas season on shopping.

There are many reasons that cause popularity of a product and of a particular word used. It may be a newly-coined term or an expression that is associated with a region or demographic. Happenings and terminologies in the particular industry of the merchant’s products is what concerns him. These merchant words can help to meet the sales target.

The analysis is aided by tools that make skimming through the massive content easier. It is graphically depicted on a user-friendly interface. Providers issue the latest searches by consumers and tabulate them according to Amazon’s product ASIN number.

Merchants that are subscribed to the provider’s service can then view what the search volumes are. Focusing on the ASINs they are interested in. These are ASINs for the products that they are selling and for competing products. Dynamic merchants may also be interested in ASINs of related products to diversify into.

From the number of searches on a product, providers can approximate the number of actual purchases. This is based on consumer behavior and other criteria that they are well versed in. The merchant is thus provided with broken-down research metrics of the market that aid him to make decisions.

A seller on Amazon may either be a distributor of a mass –produced product or a maker of specialty or limited edition product. The criteria therefore used to push sales using the metrics will differ. Merchants tend to specialize because truth be told, online markets tend to be humongous.

Not being able to supply a backlash demand may give a chance to well-endowed competitors. They are always watching closely and hounding the market. With the right strategy, there will be a steady rise in sales. This attracts investors and stockists just like any department store should the merchant need to expand.

Winning strategies also require constant updating with keywords and trends. Otherwise, they have a short lifetime. To expand to different market domains, such as Japan or Mexico, the strategies have to be tweaked accordingly. Some of the tools that can keep a merchant ahead of competition are;

  • Reverse-ASIN keyword search tool
  • Search volumes tool
  • Searched ASIN metrics
  • Keyword Indexing test tool

This is the future of targeted marketing for sellers.

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