Cinema Mode for your browser

May 13, 2013

Internet is the most used tool for all computer users, but one of the problems with online videos sites such as YouTube is there is a lot of distraction right and under the video player. And that in addition you want to watch only the video on that page. Turn Off the Lights is a […]

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Which one is the best adblocker for Google Chrome?

June 13, 2011

All advertisements on every website can easily be disabled in Google Chrome with the help of adblock-extensions that are available for free in the Chrome Webstore. But which one of them is the most efficient in blocking ads on our favorite websites like Facebook and Youtube? The Google Chrome browser is becoming increasingly popular and […]

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I hate the way Popup Domination market themselves and their $10 off discount

September 14, 2010

Internet marketers can be funny from time to time, not all of them of course, but some of them has a tendency to build those amazingly long landing pages (sales pitch pages) where your finger gets all sore after scrolling through it. Obviously they’re doing it because such pages convert better (=more sales) than just […]

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CommentLuv – A Link Builders Dream Or The Latest Waste of Time?

August 27, 2010

First off I’d like to say I have never used comment spam, and I never plan to, I will admit that I have partaken in some forum spamming in my early days, before I seen the light. Matt Cutts and Google decided that they wanted to put a stop to this spam and the nofollow […]

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Comment Spam, She’s Back: Dr. Ann Voisin From Linda Christas College

March 6, 2010

A few days ago I wrote about the first comment spam that I received from this Dr. Ann Voisin person, a message that is most likely automated and simply abusing the name of the real Dr. Ann Voisin from Linda Christas College. Click here to read that post: Akismet Blocking Your Blog? No Way, Just a SPAM Trick!

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Akismet Blocking Your Blog? No Way, Just a SPAM Trick!

March 1, 2010

I already did one post on SPAM today (read it here: Bloody Sexual Twitter DM’s. Go Away!), so I might as well continue in that track with another SPAM related post for WordPress. As a blogger, getting SPAM comments is to be expected and it happens every day for most blogs, several times a day […]

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Twittley – A Digg-Like Twitter Community (Button Shuffle Colors)

November 8, 2009

Twittley is Twitter tool that allows your blog/website visitors to easily tweet your posts to their Twitter feed, just like Tweetmeme does it. Twittley however, also offers Digg-like features on the Twittley website. Just like you can vote on articles on Digg, by digging them, you can vote on articles on Twittley by tweeting them. […]

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Why “Comment Reply Notification” Is A Must Have Plugin For Your Blog – Otherwise…

October 20, 2009

… you could be missing out on some sweet commenting action! Allow me to explain: When it comes to WordPress, there’s usually three kinds of bloggers (more or less): Those with a pretty standard WordPress installation and no “subscribe to comments”-plugin whatsoever. Those with some 3rd party comment-system like Disqus or similar, that handles it […]

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