How to increase Customer Loyalty using a WooCommerce Shopify Referral plugin

Customer Loyalty and Customer Engagement fall first while you think about retaining your old customers. Retaining old customers always paves a betterment than attracting new customers. 

In your WooCommerce store, customer engagement is indeed a tough task. But, every WooCommerce store owner can come up with different strategies to cope up and make their customers stay on their website in the long run. 

Undoubtedly, every WooCommerce store owner wishes to launch the best WooCommerce loyalty points. But, why a loyalty program?

A loyalty program is a way to make customers feel that you are making the first in your opinion. Every referral and loyalty program is a win-to-win scenario where both the store owner and the customer will get benefited. As every WooCommerce store dwells in starting a loyalty program, remember to bring a twist of uniqueness to make customers remember your site to shop upon. 

In this article, let us unveil more about WooCommerce Loyalty Rewards and the ways to use them efficiently in increasing customer loyalty.

Why is the WooCommerce referral plugin necessary to increase customer loyalty? 

Traditional marketing strategies have changed now. Dwelling upon the old concepts will no more work on your WooCommerce store. Time to rely on the WooCommerce referral plugin that boosts customer engagement in your site. 

Loyal customers often convert and spend more money on the brands they love. Around 78 percent of the loyal customers wish to spread the word with their friends and family. How is it possible without a WooCommerce referral plugin? 

WooCommerce referral plugin takes care of the referral program and other loyalty programs of your WooCommerce and Shopify store. Here are the top traits why the WooCommerce referral plugin is necessary to increase customer loyalty. 

  • A frictionless experience for your WooCommerce store users
  • Perfect Interaction with customers through personalized offers
  • Increase brand value through affiliate/loyalty programs

Around 57% of internet users believe in rewards and loyalty points. When it comes to using the WooCommerce Shopify referral plugin, you can rely on it for all your operations. Rather than taking things manually, you can organize them using the referral plugin. 

Now, let us indulge in knowing the ways to increase customer loyalty using a WooCommerce referral plugin. 

5 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty Using A WooCommerce Referral Plugin

When it comes to increasing customer loyalty, referral programs and loyalty points generate the expected results more than we expect. Retaining new customers is not that difficult when compared to attracting a new one. 

At the same time, you need to focus on the customers who have been potentially shopping with your store. Segmentation always stands first in order to achieve prominent results from your loyalty programs. 

Reward Loyal Customers rather than the newbies

Rewarding loyal customers brings a lifetime value to your WooCommerce store. Highly-engaged customers generate more revenue when compared to the new ones. Those customers deserve to be rewarded. Here is the image that depicts the importance of rewarding the existing customers. 

Source: CrazyEgg

A well-designed reward system attracts more customers and has become one of the most effective retention strategies. A real reward system expresses sincere gratitude towards the customers. It seems to be an appreciation in the eyes of the customers. When you step ahead thanking your customers for their purchase, they feel special and it improves their loyalty towards your WooCommerce store. 

The WooCommerce Referral plugin helps you to do so. You can download the best loyalty reward and Shopify referral plugin for your store. Using the plugin, you can offer your customers exclusive discounts based on their purchase history. 

Purchase history often helps you to diversify your audience and reward them according to their engagement with your site. It improves the engagement rate of the customers and makes them move towards the next stage in the sales funnel. With the plugin, you can motivate your loyal customers to shop more frequently in your store. 

Added, you can also integrate your referral program with the social media channels to get more reach. Email marketing to make customers know about your referral program also works. 

Come up with an excellent CTAs and Simple Reward Program

A simple reward program hits its peak when launched at the right time to the right audience. Whenever you are planning to launch a reward or loyalty program using the Shopify referral plugin, you need to keep these two factors in mind.

  • Proper usage of CTAs in your referral page
  • Easy and Flexible Reward Plan/Progress

Let us say, a customer entered your referral page redirected from any social media platforms. If your referral page is not quite impressive or more confusing, will the customers proceed further? No, there are high chances of getting an increased bounce rate. Here is an example for a simple reward program.

Source: ColourPop

But, how does it associate with the WooCommerce Shopify Referral Plugin? Using the plugin, you can easily bring up a flexible flow to your referral program. You can also get detailed analytics about the referral program. Added, you can customize your referral program as you wish. Such a splendid way to get results out of it!!

Added, when it comes to fixing proper CTAs, you need to be a bit careful. Some WooCommerce referral programs have the right outline with the right CTA phrases. But, they miss placing the CTAs at the right place. CTAs always help in good navigation. 

Do not forget to keep your loyalty program transparent to your customers. Using the loyalty point plugin, you not only gain the trust of the loyal customers but also nurture leads for your future sales too. 

Choose Incentives Carefully To Retain Your Customers

Choosing incentives for your customers plays a vital role. Do not just pick the same rewards for all the customers. Use the segmentation factor here and award your customers to bring bliss in their faces and so on your sales graph. 

Here are the types of incentives or the incentive flow for the Rocky Mountain Oils Loyalty program. 

Whilst deciding the loyalty program incentives, you can analyze the behavior of the target customers using the best points and rewards plugin. Try to make them understand that you are prioritizing the existing customers when compared to that of the remaining ones. This helps them to take a step ahead to visit your store.

It is not necessary to focus on only the existing customers. You can also bring in referral programs for your customers who have one or two-time purchase history in your WooCommerce store. At times, there are new customers who just enjoy the benefits of freebies and jump onto the next store in the Google row. Try to be a bit reluctant while choosing the incentives for your customers. 

Use the plugin’s analytical dashboard to know how well your loyalty program actually works. If there are any tweaks to be done, do it in your AB testing phase. Added, you can also integrate the loyalty program points to your other business models at ease.

In order to have a flawless integration, you can depend on the all-in-one customer engagement platform to distribute points to the customers based on their purchase actions in the store. When you are about to provide loyalty points to your customers, the plugin will become a handy solution to take care of the distribution and redeeming the points to the customers. 

Introduce new yet unique loyalty points to the customers

We all know the purpose of the loyalty programs. When a customer enters into the loyalty program, he/she will get rewards based on their actions in the website. All WooCommerce store owners follow the same procedure. Why not bring a difference in this loop?

Look at the Rael Loyalty Points offered to the customers.

Make yourself confident enough to bring a new loyalty point chart for the customers. When your competitor announces a 20 percent discount for the existing customers, go a step ahead and provide a 20 percent discount with free shipping. Other than that, you can bring unique incentives and loyalty points enlisted below.

  • Sign up Points
  • Referral Points
  • Participation Points
  • Feedback Points
  • Referral Purchase Points
  • Survey Points
  • Subscription Points

And, the list goes on as long as you wish to add a new category to your loyalty program. Every loyalty point category adds up value to your loyalty program and increases customer engagement to your store. Try it out and analyze it with the plugin’s dashboard to see a drift in your customer engagement graph. Tweak if necessary.

Promote your Customer Loyalty Program in Possible Channels

What if your customer does not have any idea about your loyalty program? Does it go in vain? Absolutely, every customer loyalty program without proper promotion may not get results as expected. 

What to do now?

Make sure you are using the best WooCommerce referral plugin for your loyalty program management. It will help you post about your customer loyalty program in various channels integrated with the plugin. When you possibly wish to target the audience of Facebook alone, you can customize it and proceed with the Facebook Ads for your eCommerce store.  Look at the Facebook loyalty program promotion of Mastic Spa. 

Other than the social media channels, you can also promote your customer loyalty program through different mediums. They are, 

  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Newsletters 
  • Press Release
  • Organic Search Ads
  • Paid Promotion through affiliates

When there are multiple ways to promote your customer loyalty program through the plugin, why not use it effectively and reach the nook and corner of your audience? Say, you can also rely on the email marketing plugin for your WooCommerce store to speed up and promote your loyalty program. Customer loyalty programs with a user-friendly approach always shines brightly without any downfall. Look for the possible ways to make your program noticeable to your target audience. It is all that matters the most!

Bottom Line

Customer Loyalty is the most important factor when it comes to improving brand visibility and customer engagement. Instead of relying on an IT Geek, the WooCommerce Referral plugin will take care of your loyalty points and referral program without any hassle. Not all the WooCommerce strategies has to be implemented at the same time. Some strategies need quite deep research to know whether it suits the particular WooCommerce store. 

Take time to research about your store and use the WooCommerce referral plugin wise to bring a change in improving the customer loyalty of your WooCommerce store. Cheers!!

Guest article written by: Monisha Thangavel is an ardent writer and a blogger carrying years of experience in different realms including eCommerce, Tech, and SEO. Her brevity rich writings flash a light upon the uncovered yet important points about WordPress and eCommerce plugins. Apart from content, Monisha spends her free time learning calligraphic writing.

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