I hate the way Popup Domination market themselves and their $10 off discount

Internet marketers can be funny from time to time, not all of them of course, but some of them has a tendency to build those amazingly long landing pages (sales pitch pages) where your finger gets all sore after scrolling through it. Obviously they’re doing it because such pages convert better (=more sales) than just a small page that explains the product.

And that’s okay – and to be honest, Popup Domination doesn’t have too long a landing page, I actually think it’s just about the right size. It does a great job at explaining the product and highlighting the features of it.

But I do hate it when a product such as Popup Domination is throwing in a bunch of “creative marketing” (if you know what I mean) on top of that. I just don’t get it. I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the product itself, how it really help website owners and bloggers to increase opt-ins to their mailing list. If the product is that good, why do the seller need to be so “creative” in the marketing process?

Here’s the thing!

I’ve been checking out this plugin several times over the past few days. Each time it says on the frontpage, “Price increase after the next 27 sales” – which leads you to believe that if you don’t act NOW you won’t get the product for $47 as advertised but it will be more expensive next time you come around. Well, apparently nobody buys the product cause it keeps saying the price will increase after the next 27 sales…

So, if you decide not to buy and you’re about to leave the site, you’ll see a popup preventing you (some might call it obtrusive) from leaving the page and offering you a $10 discount right now – and “only one package left”.

Clicking “cancel” will keep you at the page and you’re now being told that they have 3 copies left (I thought it was only one package left?) with a huge $10 discount so you can get Popup Domination for $37. It does, however, also say that the price only includes the plugin and not any of the bonus material, but it’s written in a smaller and low-contrast font so my bet is that too many people doesn’t pay attention to it. Doesn’t really matter though since the plugin has a 60 day money back guarantee (backed by Clickbank, I imagine, so I’m not worried about that part).

Another interesting note is that the $10 discount page also says “You’ll see this page ONLY ONE TIME”. I’ve seen it several times. In fact, I see it every time I click on a link to Popup Domination and I want to leave the page without buying – and every time I’m being told “one package left” and “we only have 3 copies left”. Just another scare tactic to make people buy NOW!

The bottom line is, I’m not in doubt that the plugin works and that it may even work extremely well for lots of bloggers, I just don’t see why they have to be soooo “creative” in order to sell it?

And yes, all links to the plugin in this post is my affiliate link because if somebody should decide to go ahead and buy, I’d like a piece of the pie 🙂 Heck, I might even buy Popup Domination myself one day, unless I find something just as good but being marketing in a proper way.

I’d like to hear it from you – what do you think about this method of marketing a product? I’m not debating whether or not the product works – I’m only questioning the questionable way of selling it. Leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “I hate the way Popup Domination market themselves and their $10 off discount”

  1. I’ve tried to sell a ClickBank product (not on MiscBytes) that was actually a great product and I worked very hard on the review. Many of my readers were interested, but some were extremely turned off by the scammy, sleazy-looking sales page, left the product sales page without buying, and sent me a message to let me know! Maybe some marketers will start to get the word that people are offended by misleading stuff that really insults their intelligence.

  2. I actually saw a perfect example of “creative marketing” just recently but it was down-right stupid haha.

    I can’t remember the product but the front page was about $47 and when you leave, you got the normal pop-up where it’s now $37. But it doesn’t end there…

    You try to leave again and boom, you’re on a page where it’s now $27.

    But it doesn’t end there haha…

    Finally, after enough attempts to leave, you can pick it for $17.

    So here you have a product that supposedly makes the person over $50,000 a month and they’re offing it for $17 – sounds good! haha

    Just thought that would be fun to share 😛

  3. @Murlu

    That is pretty funny. Generally you would believe if you’re selling a product that will benefit someone so much, it would be a bit more expensive than $17.

  4. I too hate those pop-ups. I wish there were a way to display all those pop-ups right away! Then you could simply go for the least price, if at all interested.
    On another note, long sales pages simply don’t appeal to me since I usually tend to read the whole thing. If you know you are going to buy the product anyway, you could simply skip the sales description and go to the checkout button.

  5. Hi
    I think this method is good for marketing to make people act fast as this product is really helpful for building mailing list.People waste lots of time in buying or not but this can help in increasing sales.Though you make some awesome mistakes and especially the “price increases after 27 sales”

  6. I always see a price tag that mentioned that the price will increase after a certain period but when I revisit the price is same and similarly the discount page is seen again and again and I am sure these are the tricks to encourage the visitors for buying. These seems to work better and that’s why there are large number of sites following this pattern.

  7. Yep. Just saw theit new version (3.0). In fact fact you buy single site license then they try to upsell you to
    – multisite – for another 37
    – to developer multisite + theme club for 197
    – to dev multisite for 97


    Any other replacement for POD?



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