Amazon makes fun of iPad with Kindle and sunlight

Amazon has lowered it’s cheapest Kindle to only $139 which is quite cheap compared to the iPad at $499 – but of course there are some other differences too. Now, the iPad is not primarily an e-book reader, but that doesn’t stop Amazon making a little bit of fun of the iPad on two accounts: Price and readability in direct sunlight.

Gotta admit, Kindle does have the advantage on those two points. Other than that, I’d love to see Apple do a TV ad where a guy with an iPad is surfing the web (in color) and then watching a TV show after which the Kindle girl asks how he can do that… lame, I know, but still… funny!

(Yes, I have an iPad).

8 thoughts on “Amazon makes fun of iPad with Kindle and sunlight”

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  2. I think that Nook is an awesome e-book reader, have one and to read books on it is fantastic. But iPad is better with other stuff.

  3. What war ? The two devices are not similar in any way .. For amazon to do this is a cheap shot as the Ipad is not just a book reader.. I have an iPad and i have no use for it as I can’t stand the browser but for Kindle is simply not a computer like the iPad nearly is…

  4. Yes but the kindle has problems with sunlight too, after a while the E-Ink actually fades, and people have had to return their kindles for a new one. Kinda like the kettle calling the pot black.

  5. Hahahaha, great ad! I definitely vote for Kindle when it comes to reading or using it outdoors in sunlight. But I have no doubt that the competition is going to be tight between Ipad and Kindle.


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