Apple airs new “All on iPad” ad

August 8, 2012

There’s a new iPad ad in town – Apple just released their newest “all on iPad” ad which features the Twitter integration in iOS, FaceTime, Keynote, Square, iPhoto, AirPlay integration with the Apple TV and more. You can watch the entire ad below:

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Amazon makes fun of iPad with Kindle and sunlight

September 14, 2010

Amazon has lowered it’s cheapest Kindle to only $139 which is quite cheap compared to the iPad at $499 – but of course there are some other differences too. Now, the iPad is not primarily an e-book reader, but that doesn’t stop Amazon making a little bit of fun of the iPad on two accounts: […]

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iPad Ad Premieres At Oscars – Like iPhone Did

March 8, 2010

Like the “Hello” ad for the iPhone premiered at the Oscars some years ago, an iPad ad now also appeared for the first time, at the Oscars. The background music in the ad is “There Goes My Love” by The Blue Van. I’m  sure the song can be found in the iTunes Store if you […]

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