The Continuous Evolution of Poker on the Web

Online card games witness constant technological evolution, shaping how individuals engage with poker platforms. Advances in software design enhance gameplay fluidity, eliminating glitches and lag that once frustrated players. Visual and auditory elements now emulate the tactile sensation of handling physical cards and chips, fostering a more immersive experience. Security measures have become more sophisticated, … Read more →

Top 5 Poker Apps for Android and iOS 2021

Before the invention of mobile and internet technology, people used to travel to casinos to explore the thrill of poker games. But nowadays, you can enjoy the thrill of the poker game anytime anywhere as long as you have access to smartphone and internet connections.  With the risen popularity of poker apps, hundreds of poker … Read more →

Meet The Carnegie Mellon AI That Could Kill Online Poker

If you keep up with developments in the poker world, you are probably aware of the poker match that took place at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, pitching Libratus, a poker playing Artificial Intelligence against four of the top heads up specialists representing humans. You are probably also aware that after a total of 120,000 … Read more →

Poker On Your Phone

There’s never been a better time to enjoy online poker; especially now that it’s even possible to play directly from your mobile phone or tablet. It’s easy to get started and begin enjoying the benefits of being able to play literally whenever you choose. Why wait until you can get to your PC to play … Read more →

Poker Variants Normally Played at Home

Nowadays, many people who love to play online games certainly agree that one of their favorites is online poker.  When someone talks about poker, normally we think about the words “Texas Hold‘em”.  This game is actually considered to be one of the most popular poker variants played in casinos and poker rooms all over the … Read more →

Follow-up: PokerStars Home Games concept

It’s been about a month since I last posted about PokerStars’ new online poker concept, Home Games, which basically means that you can create a private club within the PokerStars poker software client and invite your friends to join you. So instead of meeting up in person, you can play against each other online, from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t get the same “social” experience and the feel of stacking your chips, but you get to play – privately – against your buddies.

PokerStars also keeps track of winnings, so you’ll have a leaderboard within the Home Games club also, making it easier to find out who has bragging rights till next tournament…

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I wish I could play online poker on my iPhone…

I remember back in the days, probably 6-7 years ago, when online poker was really starting to become popular. It was everywhere, on television, in the newspapers, online – they gave us updates from the big tournaments such as WPT, WSOP etc. Then there was a few poker players who sort of became “celebrities” in … Read more →