Making The Smart Switch – Automating Your Airbnb Business

The efficiency of an Airbnb rental business can increase dramatically when a host decides to work smarter (instead of harder). Nowadays it has in fact become so much easier for hosts to work smartly thanks to the widespread availability of smart devices with Internet access and all kinds of software. With the help of technology, tasks that they typically had to do manually in the past can now be automated.

Key exchange automation

It is important that Airbnb hosts create good first impressions. If your guests are already experiencing difficulties when checking in, the chances are pretty good that you will receive a bad review. So, it is a great idea to start by automating the key exchange process.

The use of smart locks is one of the latest ways that hosts can use to automate their Airbnb business. With a smart lock or keyless entrance solution, you have complete control over who is granted access to your Airbnb property. This means much better security! It only grants a guest entry to your property once it has received a wireless signal from a smartphone that has been authenticated. What makes it so great is that it employs access codes that are time-sensitive and can be changed without any effort. Though, if smart locks sound too technical for you or your guests, there are other services that can automate the key exchange procedure.

Using Sensors

Automation can also be used to ensure that your guests rest in comfort during their stay. One such nifty feature is home temperature automation units. It is a great investment to install a home temperature unit that will allow you to use your smart devices to check the temperature from time to time. Apart from ensuring that the temperature remains just perfect, the use of home temperature units can also prevent nasty injuries or damage to your Airbnb property and, on top of that, save energy too.

Carbon monoxide, smoke and flood sensors are other great sensors that can also prevent injury. When you for example install a carbon monoxide sensor, it can detect when there is any potential issue.

Google Wi-Fi

This is essentially a type of router that will link all the smart devices in your Airbnb property. With Google Wi-Fi, hosts can control the access to smart devices and other appliances that are connected to the router remotely. What makes this so helpful is that you can oversee the Internet connection too and prevent guests from misusing certain expensive appliances without having to be there in person.

Managing Your Property With Airbnb Manangement Software

While smart devices can be used very conveniently to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable stay, they can also be employed by hosts to manage their Airbnb properties more efficiently. Certain routine tasks that hosts usually have to complete manually such as recording bookings, communicating with guests, adjusting pricing, coordinating cleaning services and managing all the reviews received can be automated with the help of software.

AirGMS is one such vacation rental software that hosts can use to automate the day-to-day operations of their Airbnb rental properties. With this single software, hosts can create templates and different messages/notifications that can be sent automatically. Most hosts are not able to respond to queries round-the-clock. So, instead of delaying your responses (which is never good for any business), use the automated messages to send a quick message.

Pricing automation

Every Airbnb host wants to increase their occupancy rates. With pricing automation, you can change the price on specific dates to boost your occupancy rates. If there is a change in demand for your Airbnb listing, leave it to the software to adjust your Airbnb pricing. It is really that easy! There is a bunch of them on the market. You can easily find them doing some research. Carefully go through the functionality, pricing and reviews to make up your mind.

Automating scheduling cleanings

Forget about excel spreadsheets! Do not schedule cleanings manually, use task/project management tools to automate. This will eliminate the need to alter working orders and human mistake factor. You can as well opt for a professional cleaning company that has all these automated tools for scheduling and handling cleanings in place.


In this day and age, countless things are already automated. It is crucial to put in place the necessary resources that will enhance the convenience and security for both host and guest. Look smart in front of your guests by showing that you are indeed tech-savvy by letting smart devices complete a lot of the day-to-day work for you. In fact, if you are not embracing all the latest ways of incorporating automation, your Airbnb rental business will fall behind.

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