Find Out How That Houses Learn Through Artificial Intelligence

Technology is fast transforming our societies. There’s a high rate of innovation that has now come to automating our homes; home artificial intelligence. There are efforts to build smart homes where home operations are controlled comfortably and naturally. Your house gets to learn all that goes around. How’s that even possible? Find out below.

Who’s in charge with artificial home intelligence and what’s their role?

A startup company in London, AI Build is responsible for developing a home-hub prototype that does home operations like switching on lights. The company, through its CEO and co-founder, Daghan Cam, happens to be the first to place visual measures, programmes, and cameras to command the home-hub prototype.

AI Build’s role is to learn algorithms and tailor the devices to respond in a particular manner whenever they read specific gestures or voice of frequent users in the connected home.

AI Build has spent vast sums of money amounting to 100, 000 pounds to consolidate a team to facilitate the prototype project. The project is expected to come to completion in a few months to come with a more advanced and fully working prototype.

How does the device work?

One room in the connected home gets fitted with the device on the ceiling. The device has six cameras with each camera covering 60 degrees giving 360 degrees room coverage. Through the Home GPU database, the device gets to perform the underlined tasks very fast. The database is the highly innovative and current significant trend in the database history as it processes various types of data and in huge amounts.

Home artificial intelligence’s objective is to advance homes to achieve more comfortable smart homes. In the present day market, we have seen people download mobile apps and use them to perform some home tasks. The disadvantage of mobile apps is that their activation process is a bit longer as it involves several steps other than artificial intelligence which identifies gestures and voice of frequent users more naturally.

The device has attracted home privacy and security concerns. According to Cam, the device has an inbuilt computing system that stores data locally and ensures it’s encrypted. All the voice and image data are stored in the computer, unlike other related apps which send their data to central processors. The advanced cameras also have the ability to tap into AI power and recognize any intruders into your home. In future, expect your doorbell to identify your kids and frequent guests, and open the door automatically.

What’s the price range of the device?

The device will soon be launched on the market to showcase its functionality to potential buyers. The company intends to sell the first 100 pieces at a lesser price of 750 pounds in Indiegogo to attract buyers, and be able to raise funds to finalize on the prototype project.

Afterwards, the price is set to go a bit higher starting from 900 pounds to 960 pounds with annual revenue estimations of 900,000 to 960,000 pounds. The company aims at achieving customer satisfaction by engaging users at the grassroots level to provide feedback on how they can improve the usability and functionality of the device.

Major selling models would be business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) with high-income generation targeted on B2B. That is because the company aims at selling the devices in bulk to new home developers. The firm focuses on changing the future construction industry to building smart homes by encouraging building and construction sectors to implement artificial intelligence. Once the prototype is complete, AI Build will combine artificial intelligence and massive 3D printing to enhance the house operations and even integrate related homes.

A Final Thought:

Massive technology advancement is making our lives easier. Even houses are learning what we do through technology. The future of our homes is set to be fully automated through prototype devices that can recognize the voice of frequent users and act according to commands like switching on the lights. Pretty amazing, right? That also comes along with enhanced security measures for both data and the home at large. You don’t have to worry about home intruders. The device will automatically identify them as non-users and send signals. Your work is to sit back, relax, and let technology have its way.

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