How to Batch Edit Photos on Windows and Mac

Batch editing images is the optimal solution for those who work on a constant basis with large collections of pictures. Whether you’re a photographer looking to convert dozens of RAW files after an event, a graphic designer looking to resize a group of images or perhaps a real estate agent looking to optimize property photos, you can’t really go through your pictures one by one. You need a tool that can apply specific edits to all your files at the same time and can process them in an effective manner.

Edit Multiple Pictures in Three Steps

BatchPhoto is a powerful tool for Windows and Mac particularly designed to edit multiple photos at once. In development since 2005, the program comes with an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use for all users. In order to edit your images all you have to do is follow a three-step wizard: add your pictures, apply the desired edits and then select your output folder. That’s it, everything is straightforward and near at hand.

BatchPhoto offers you a wide array of filters and effects to apply simultaneously to your selected photos. According to your preferences, you can resize, convert, watermark, date stamp, crop, rotate, add frames and borders or apply special effects like sepia, oil paint and conversion to black & white. The tool also comes with numerous touch-up filters, which allow you to adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation, reduce the noise or sharpen your pictures. Basically, you can perform a large variety of operations in order to optimize and enhance your images quickly and easily.

Useful Options to Increase Productivity

BatchPhoto has efficiency at its main core and this is easily noticeable when you take a look at the app’s features which are oriented to increase productivity. One of those features gives you the possibility to save your settings as profiles and just use them again later. This option is really useful, because it means the tool will use your predefined instructions and you won’t have to go through the same editing process every time.

Another feature meant to boost productivity is the BatchPhoto Monitor. What does it do? Well, basically it will scan selected folders on your computer or on your FTP account and see if new images have been added to those folders. If it discovers new files, it will automatically apply custom defined edits to them. The good thing about this feature is that it will permanently monitor the selected folders, including when the program is closed.

Version 4.3 is Now Available

Bits&Coffee, the company behind BatchPhoto, has recently released version 4.3 of their batch editing tool. The new version comes with a brand new Watermark-Mask filter, the ability to add various texts, extracted from a text file, to photos in bulk, updates to the Annotate filters, as well as an update for macOS High Sierra. Moreover, the tool is now available in the Spanish language, while the other localizations have also been updated.

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