How to convert VHS to Digital

There are many reasons why you would want to convert your old VHS movies to digital copies for some it could be making space in their homes or for businesses who have older training materials and need to free up more office space, but for most of us, we simply want to preserve our old … Read more →

Converting PDF to XLS in a Few Clicks

Working with PDF documents can be a joy. They are viewable on practically any device without the need for specialized software. Sharing information has become much easier with the widespread use of PDF files. There is a downside with working with PDF file formats though. The design of this format ensures the security of information … Read more →

Giveaway: PearlMountain Image Converter – 20 licenses

This giveaway has ended! We are proud to announce yet another giveaway here on, this time you can get yourself a free license to the award-winning Image Converter software from PearlMountain, worth $29.90 !! PearlMountain Image Converter is a photo converter as well as batch image converter, which helps you convert images to other … Read more →

Nifty little PDF to Word converter software (Windows)

Being a Mac user myself, the ability to “print to PDF” has been built-in for many years, so I make a lot of PDF files actually, just because it’s a lot easier to send a PDF file to somebody than a Word document that you never know how the recipient is going to interpret, depending on what kind of Word processor they are using. With PDF, you pretty much get what you see – on all computer systems.

But sometimes, you might need to go the other way back, that is, convert pdf to word. And that’s where this little nifty app comes in handy, if you’re a Windows user, that is. The app is conveniently called PDF to Word Converter and is made by Quick-PDF software. A single-user personal license is currently on discount at $29.95 and a business single user license is $49.95. 

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