Case Insensitive Search In SQL -Everything You Need To Know

In Data Processor, the case of sensitivity represents whether the uppercase and the lowercase letters, which are grasps as distinct (case-sensitive) or alike (case-insensitive). For example, when users are engrossed in learning about dogs, search an ebook, “dog” and “Dog” are of the same significance to them. Thus, they appeal a case-insensitive search.  But when … Read more →

Top 10 Programming Languages to Choose From in 2021

The variety of programming languages on the market today can turn your head. According to analysts, there are currently 256. However, despite such a large number, there are only 10-15 popular languages. Every year the list of languages changes, and this year we decided to create our top 10 major programming languages in 2021. Well-Known … Read more →

Best Fix to SQL Server Database in Recovery Mode After Reboot

Sometimes even when you have done everything perfectly, you have rebooted the SQL servers and restarted the whole system you may face a problem of SQL servers still in recovery mode. SQL is such a complex database system that if you do every task in hurry you will create more problems for yourself. But you … Read more →

Know-How to Improve Query Performance in SQL Server

The primary function of the SQL database server is to store and retrieve the data which is requested by other software applications. SQL Server offers in different editions with respect to its features like Enterprise, Standard, Workgroup, Express. This database server is a computer program providing database service to other programs known as the client-server … Read more →

Yahoo! Voices Hack Underscores Importance of Security

Troubled Internet company Yahoo! has another problem to deal with. On Thursday, it confirmed that Yahoo! Voices had 450,000 user passwords and email addresses stolen from its database. Surprisingly, every password had been stored in plaintext or unencrypted, so that anyone could read them. And it wasn’t only email addresses that were compromised. Gmail, Hotmail, … Read more →