How to Hire a PHP Developer?

PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is used by developers worldwide to make high-end quality web applications, pages, eCommerce sites, etc. The programming language is dynamic, open-source, and server-based, used for scripting software products and developing various products, including end-user interfaces and graphic user interfaces. It is also compatible with operating systems such as macOS, … Read more →

Which One is Better for a Web Development Project PHP or Python?

Today’s industry is dominated by interactive websites and mobile applications. The selection of a dependable programming language is the first step in creating a successful website or application. To offer fast, scalable, dependable, secure, and adaptable development projects, choosing an intelligent technological basis, including programming languages, has become critical. There are many programming languages available, … Read more →

10 Best PHP Development Tools for Web Developers!

Table of Content: Introduction Top 10 PHP Development Tools for Web Developers! Zend Studio Sublime Text 3 Eclipse AWS Cloud 9 Code Lobster PHP Storm NetBeans PHPDebugbar Scriptcase Retrace Conclusion 1. Introduction PHP is one of the fast scripting languages that is universal with web development. WordPress practices the language as its main interface for … Read more →

Top 10 Programming Languages to Choose From in 2021

The variety of programming languages on the market today can turn your head. According to analysts, there are currently 256. However, despite such a large number, there are only 10-15 popular languages. Every year the list of languages changes, and this year we decided to create our top 10 major programming languages in 2021. Well-Known … Read more →

Python vs PHP: Which will come out trumps in the new year

Are you struggling to make a choice between two programming languages? Well, it usually happens before the beginning of any project because every programming language has its own importance and offers different features. But, we need to select the best one for a particular software.   Now, this blog will eradicate your confusion and will make … Read more →

Carve A Glorious Business Success With Your PHP Site

In concurrent cyber competition, it has become important for business organizations to mark their respectable presence at web. With increasing penetration rate of internet, traditional customers are going online. They simply want to buy things, get information, and contact vendors in a comfortable manner. Therefore, you as a vendor will have to put some information … Read more →