Why Startups should prefer PHP for Website Development

PHP is a server-side scripting language launched for the first time in 1994. It is a surprising thing that in the age of fast trends such an old development framework is still widely accepted and used. Or maybe it’s that old but not outdated. As time passes by, the PHP framework is regularly updated for effective web development and data management. 

And that’s not it, dynamic high-class websites can be easily created with PHP. That’s why many internet giants like Facebook, Mailchimp, and many more are using PHP. it is also important for the startups to choose a framework that has a great track-record or history. They just can’t get started with any new technology available in the market. It is too risky. 

And when you are getting one of the best web development frameworks with a proven track record for big projects. Why take any chances? Hiring a PHP development company would be beneficial for the startups. Let us talk about it in depth. 

Why is PHP good for web development?

Do you want a flexible front-end UI for your application? 

Do you want to store massive data in the back-end of your application? 

If yes and also if you want your business site to be built by a popular technology framework that can also bring many visitors then PHP is the right choice for you. Let us now discuss the whys. 

1) PHP is Flexible as well as scalable 

The biggest benefit you gain from using PHP is the flexibility to use multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, UNIX, Linux, and many more. PHP language is supported by every server in the world with over more than 20 databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. 

It can be also claimed as a reason why many businesses leverage PHP code for better outcomes for cross-platform applications. This makes PHP a widely used web development framework. 

2) Open-Source Management

The most effective reason why startups should consider PHP for their website development is because of its open-source management nature. If you want to download it, there is no license or downloading fee. It is free. Even if you want to distribute it, you can easily do it under General Public License. 

This will help the developers to make a quality website within your budget. And when the cost of technology is spared, more attention can be allotted to the functionality of the business website. PHP-based websites and applications can be crafted on a significantly low-budget which is advantageous for businesses, especially startups. 

Apart from making huge savings, this open-source language offers additional benefits as it is also in sync with the latest technology trends. Developers can get the most out of it. 

3) Multiple Frameworks

As we discussed, PHP is a widely used language. It also comes with a wide range of frameworks like Symfony, laravel, Yii 2, CakePHP, Zend, and so on. PHP developers can make their scripting easy by simply choosing any framework from the PHP stack. This also saves development time for the developers. 

The additional benefit of using PHP is that all content management systems are PHP-based. So all the solutions will be readily available. Also, it will help in making the content of your website or application likable to the audience. 

4) PHP Allows Rapid Development & Maintenance

PHP can save you a lot of your development time with its reusable code while creating business solutions. Every framework in the PHP stack can offer built-in features that can enhance the performance of your website. But it also provides fast and secure app development. 

The decipherable syntax of PHP allows code modifications without any upgrades which save the developer’s time. The PHP code is so clearly written that anyone could manage the maintenance and support of the website or an app. 

Now, speed is essential for startups. Because the quicker the product launches, the quicker they can test their business model and other important aspects. You can also use the PHP framework to obtain the quickest-to-market time for your business-specific solutions too.

 5) Libraries 

PHP offers a free and standard library for developers that can use its functions to craft various features for their business website. It is necessary to have a good online presence as it reflects the image of the company. 

therefore, a website needs to be both attractive and interactive. Another benefit of using a standard PHP library is that it is being constantly updated by the community of fellow PHP developers so you can always add some new and latest functionalities on your website to grow traffic and drive sales. 

Startups can also increase the efficiency of their website by using PHP features including code sharing and reuse. 

6) Large Community 

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that PHP is enjoying a monopoly in the backend development realm for approximately the last two decades. More and more developers, as well as companies, are turning towards the PHP framework to craft specific business solutions. 

Even the web giants like Facebook, yahoo, Mailchimp, istock, Wikipedia, Spotify, Slack, and many more are using PHP. The result is a continuously evolving fan-base of this framework. This fan-base has become a community of PHP developers where people can also seek solutions for their problems from the PHP experts. 

No other technology framework has as large a developer community as PHP. 

7) Security

PHP offers more security against possible cyber threats in comparison to any other development framework. PHP comes with built-in security package features that also have control options. Aldo the PHP community across the world also offers 24/7 support. So, your business website will be safe using the PHP framework. 

It is not that PHP doesn’t have its fair share of security problems but they are easily addressed in comparison to the problems of other technology frameworks. PHP is also used by developers and quality experts to test the limits of their web applications. 

The security of your customer’s accounts and information is very critical, so make sure your developers are not in breach of any opportunities. 


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. The information provided in this post was basics regarding PHP to help you decide to choose a suitable framework for your business website development. You need to dig into deep research if you want advanced information relevant to the PHP framework. 

However, you can also contact us about it. And if you have any queries or suggestions, let’s talk about it in the comments section below. 

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