Why choose Laravel over any other framework?

Technology is being used very creatively, in hitherto unheard of sectors. And it is no surprise that how these technologies have upgraded the way of the website development processes in the world. The open source PHP web Application framework, Laravel gives the perfect infrastructure for website application. It makes developers work easy as they are no longer required to waste time in code design, configuration, creating a template, security, etc.

Down below I would like to mention few important reasons for choosing Laravel for your next web development project.

Easy to get started- As the title says, Laravel is pretty easy to get started with. Even if you are aware of a few basics of PHP, you can easily develop a 5-page site in just a few hours. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Still, it’s not the only reason why you should choose Laravel. There’s much more.

Open source- Like I said before, Laravel being a free, open source framework allows one to build large & complex web applications easily. All one requires is a text editor & PHP installation to get started.

Emerging Quickly- According to Google trends, Laravel is best & most used framework. Plus, the potential to handle extremely big projects with ease has given rise to many Laravel development companies in India.

Follows MVC- In any development project, it is very important to have transparency between business logic & presentation. In addition to this, the framework incorporates plenty of built-in-functions, MVC increases performance & provides better documentation.

Community Support- Now being a Laravel developer it is but obvious for you to get stuck with many problems related to development. With large community support, you will find someone who has already gone through and who can guide you in the right manner. If you report any bug or security breach in the framework, response of community is quick.

Secure in Nature- It May quite interest you to know that Laravel provides that one essential thing which makes your application secure. Yes, I am talking about, Laravel’s ORM uses PDO, which prevents SQL injections. All you have to do is, using the proper components of the framework.

Blade Templating- The blade template engine offered by Laravel allows you to make use of plain PHP code in your application. Though it does not add any overhead to your application but it allows one to do following things such as Define sections, Extend views, Echo & escaping Conditional statements, Looping & Includes.

Migration for Database- Migration is one of the key features provided by Laravel. This allows a professional to maintain database structure of application without the need for re-creating it. Instead of using SQL, migration enables one to write PHP code to control Database.

Testing becomes easy- Testing is one of the most important aspects of any development project. Sometimes new changes can break systems unexpectedly. Laravel provides a facility for Unit Testing such as it runs many tests to ensure the stability of the application.

So this is all for now, Keep watching the space to get a better perspective on Laravel development.

Guest article written by: Rakesh Patel is Marketing Manager at eTatvaSoft – web, ecommerce & mobile app development company. He writes about Technology Trends, Leadership and many more things about IT services and enabled people to learn about new technologies through his online contribution.

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