How To Write College Essay Fast

A successful essay talks about you. Choose a story about yourself that is not only unique but interesting to read. Additional solution if you cannot write your essay fast, is to hire a professional college essay writer for pay.

Think carefully about your choice of story. The story should be about your personality and how you have managed to learn something. Easy writing can be very easy if you know the right thing to do. Let’s take a look at how to draft a good college essay fast.

Quick Tips to reflect on


  • List out all the stories in your life you know are interesting and convincing to read. List them out before deciding on which to write on.


  • What is the meaning of the story you are writing? The story should also reveal things about you, most especially about your character.


  • Draft a good essay. Students that pay someone to write an essay do not have much to worry about with regards to the quality of the paper.

What Makes An Essay Good or Bad?

A college admission officer is always very busy. And guess what, there are tons of essays waiting for him to read.

A Good Essay:

  • Write on a story about your life on which you are convinced that people will be interested to read.
  • Your story should be detailed and have lots of adjectives and active verbs.
  • Your story should be able to answer these two questions about you; things you care about and who you are.
  • Your story should project you as someone people would like to associate with. Someone that will turn out to be an asset to the institution.

A poor written Essay:

  • Sounding too controversial in your story.
  • Tries to dish out too many things about you in one essay.
  • Trying to be someone you are not. Be original and as unique as possible.

Drafting Your Essay

You can start to write your essay after selecting a good topic. You should have a good understanding of the topic too.

1. Get Topic idea on the page

Whatever you can remember about your story, it’s time to write them down. Write as much as you can remember, whether as a whole sentence or phrases.

2. What is the subject?

Find the most interesting part of your story. Does the story have a meaning? Where does it originate from? What should the admissions office associate you with after reading your story? Remember to also write this down in one simple sentence to form your thesis.

3. Organize your work

Make sure your work is well organized. It should have an introduction, a body as well as conclusion.

4. Communicate with someone:

You will not only write faster but have a lot of ideas to write down when you talk while writing an essay. You can get your sibling, parent or friend to listen as you tell your story. Allow them to ask you some related questions; with this, you’ll be able to find out which area of the story interests them the most.

5. Proofread Your work

Take a short break before revising your work.

6. Hire a professional writer

A professional who writes your essay for you can also make things easy for you; the possibility of you landing your dream admission will come to fruition. These professional writers have gone through the four walls of the college. In fact, you will be 100% guaranteed of having a good essay delivered.

If you cannot write your essay alone or meet a short deadline, then it is ideal to hire a professional writer. In fact, many students are using this opportunity to gain their dram admission into college. While essay writing can be confusing sometimes, knowing the right thing to do can also make things a lot easier for students.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that it is important to write whatever we can remember about the topic and write as many as we can. I will keep that in mind now that I will start looking for colleges to apply to this year. It would be helpful as well if I find essay writing classes for college admissions out there.


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