Video is the new black

Did you know that worldwide, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? That’s a lot of content, but there is no surprise. Video content is becoming more and more popular, now more than ever. As we said, there is no surprise. Due to millennials and generation Z as consumers, video content is the leading player in communication, marketing, or advertising. They are more connected to digital life than the other generations, and everything they do, they do it online.

During the last century, people had to adapt to evolution and learn how to live with it, from black video content on TV to the first color motion film around 1902. And now we find ourselves in a situation when people have their classes online in a video format, learning how to cook their favorite meal from a video on YouTube, and even learning a new job from video tutorials.

How Video Consumption is changing

We have to admit that, yes, video content is the new black. A couple of years ago, if people needed some information, they sought it in the library, books, other people, reading newspapers, etc. Now, if you want to find more about a particular subject, you can watch a video. In this format, the content can be delivered much easier by the creator; it can be more dynamic, entertaining, and engaging. The information is provided much faster.

So, in 2021 people are consuming more and more video content. Everywhere you look, somebody is doing a video about different subjects. The content from a video can describe and show what words can do it anymore. For example, instead of reading about how Paris is such a lovely city, people are watching videos from other people that have been there and share those pictures in a video format.

To sum up, video content is consumed more and more by everyone, from day-by-day people to brands who want to communicate better with their customers. People find it more comfortable expressing their feelings, opinions, or experiences in a video than in a written post.

Video content in software reviews

Moreover, people can also watch software product reviews in a video format. is one of the websites that aims to become the largest encyclopedia where people can find honest software reviews. Their next step is a Tekpon YouTube channel where people can see how the products are working in real life from the one who developed them. Those videos will allow users to understand each tool before purchasing them and identify perks that they might not learn about in the text-based description. Thus, the video content is the next step in software reviews. This kind of content is ideal for both consumers and developers; therefore, they can better explain their product and how people can use it to improve their work/life.

Day by day, the world is changing, and we have to embrace the digital space. This is the future, and we can’t deny its benefits. Also, video content is part of this future, and more and more people are consuming and creating this type of content, from news, stories, conferences, knowledge, music, dance, and so on. In 2021 you don’t need a high budget to create a video; you just need to create content that engages, educates, and intrigues your audience.

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