5 Reasons to Choose PHP Laravel Framework Web Development

Web Development does not come easy, especially when you have to add features and listings to your web page. Astonishingly this tedious task is less burdened with the use of frameworks. One of the famous frameworks is the PHP Laravel Framework. 

Today we will be talking about the same concept why PHP Laravel Framework is mostly used and understand major disadvantages of using this. 

The framework was developed and maintained by Taylor Otwell. The first build of Laravel was released in 2011. The current stable version- 8.16.1 is released in February 2020. 

Other Frameworks like CakePHP and Codeigniter are giving away tough competition to this framework, but literally no one actually exhibits PHP Laravel’s features. 

Let’s talk about what is PHP Laravel Framework and why is that so important to web development. 

What is PHP Laravel Development?

Laravel framework is an open-source framework that is famous and mostly used for its elegance and expressive syntax. This framework overall helps to ease and speed up the web development process. 

The first initial release of the Laravel Framework was released in 2011. Since then, it has adopted many features which make it an out of the box framework. It is the most famous and mostly utilized PHP framework. 

Why to choose Laravel Framework? 

Well, there are many reasons to choose Laravel Framework. Some of them are, 


  • More Secure.
  • Easy to get started with, even for someone who is new to web development. 
  • Programming is seamless with maximum usage of the PHP framework. 
  • It is a framework that has been emerging and is getting adopted more widely day by day amongst web developers. 
  • It is an open-source framework.
  • The environment is suited for good web development projects.
  • Numerous templates are available from the template engine. 
  • Vast Laravel Community.
  • Modular apps
  • MVC architecture. 

Let’s have a quick brief review on why we should choose the Laravel framework over any other framework available. 


The only reason to choose this framework is the optimum security it offers. However, there is no such Framework that is completely protective from online hazards and online spam. The framework has nothing to do with security completely. The code written also has an effect on how well your framework will perform against an attack which is sudden and can cause major harm to any web application or website. 


This framework gives away a number of statements claiming that the framework is completely secure from any attacks. The CSRF(Cross-Site Request Forgery) token prevents the database and any loss of confidential information in case of any security threat. 

Great Template Engine

The template Engine of the Laravel PHP framework works entirely well with the typical HTML/PHP languages. The intuitive template engine is something that every developer will be happy to use when choosing this framework. The frameworks are light enough to craft out cut-edging designs. 

Developers can utilize the wide variety of widgets available in Javascript and also CSS that not only creates a good look but also helps in reducing the loading time of the website at a significant rate. 

Supports MVC architecture 

Most PHP frameworks fail to provide the support of the MVC architecture. On the other hand, Laravel PHP Framework helps in delivering the Model-View-Architecture in the first place. The support of MVC helps in enhancing the overall performance, optimized documentation, with multiple different functions which are needed in the web development of the website. 

Emerging Framework 

Web development companies have started using Laravel because of the capability to handle big and complex web development projects at ease. The capabilities of this framework make the framework highly responsive and helps in getting the framework in the top trends of the google searches. Developers at Laracast offer learning tutorials to the small developers to learn Laravel from the starting. 

The tutorials can be important for those developers who have just started learning Laravel and are trying to solve the complex coding issues of the PHP framework. The content available regarding development on this framework is carefully chosen by the expert professionals in the field of web development. The framework’s motive is to give simple, easy, and understandable web development coding at its best. 

Open Source Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that helps in web application platforms. This framework is free to use and runs a very easy process whatsoever to develop complex web applications at its best. The framework provides coding maintainability due to the PHP framework, which is built in Laravel Framework. 


The developers help in executing lengthy and complex programming tasks in a hassle-free manner. This framework is widely accepted and used in the majority because of the environment it provides while running project-related things. The easy and integrated Laravel framework provides a structured way of coding, helping entirely in breaking down the complex problem and developing an overall more straightforward solution as a whole. 


Laravel is an open source framework based on PHP. The framework was an attempt to provide a more advanced alternative to the CodeIgniter framework. Its patterns are mostly based on Symfony. The framework has been gaining popularity after the release of its third version, which enabled some outclass features like Command Line Interface called Artisan. The support for the database system and migrations was also provided in the third update. 

The framework is completely based on providing a more straightforward and intuitive approach to developing web applications easily. The MVC support, intuitive template design, open-source support and many other features were the one contributing overall in-order to make the framework world-class. The introduction of PHP Laravel Framework in web development has drastically reduced the workload on many of the web developers who are learning this framework with more and more websites demanding its knowledge. If a web developer is going to start web development in the coming future, then the best buy is to get creative through the Laravel framework. Even if you are new to web development, the framework will not let you ever feel some discrepancy while working around with attributes and data of the system or the project as a whole. 

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