How to Hire a PHP Developer?

PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor, is used by developers worldwide to make high-end quality web applications, pages, eCommerce sites, etc. The programming language is dynamic, open-source, and server-based, used for scripting software products and developing various products, including end-user interfaces and graphic user interfaces.

It is also compatible with operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, and all Unix platforms. Besides, it can also leverage servers like IIS and Apache. That’s why tech companies and businesses are always looking to hire PHP web developers.

Hire A PHP Web Developer: Follow the Most Required Steps

Let’s discuss the requisites you must follow before hire PHP web developer. You can’t remain ignorant of even a single factor during the hiring process; it may result in a loss of effort and money. So, it’s good to consider every point that can help you add a skilled team to your board.

Understand the Technical Needs of Your Project

You need to have a detailed knowledge of the technical needs of your web development project. Especially when you want to hire a PHP web developer to extend your team, ask some relevant questions or assign some tasks to the developers. It is to verify that the PHP developer you wish to hire possesses the technical skills that can align with your needs. Further, check the developer’s knowledge about the tools, server requirements, development framework, and database. Take all steps to ensure that the hired PHP web developer must not lack technical skills. It may lead to unnecessary delays in your project.

Check PHP Developer’s Experience

Before you decide to hire PHP developers, ensure they have enough experience to handle your project challenges. If you hire an inexperienced PHP developer due to cost, it can make your project development slow. Hiring an expert with years of experience in the field may appear costly, but it will significantly benefit your web development project. Lack of experience often leads to inefficiency.

Select the Right PHP Web Development Model

Always keep patience and spend enough time understanding the pros and cons of all development frameworks the web development company wants to offer you. Some PHP web development companies provide a dedicated development model per hour basis. Some others may offer a fixed-cost model. Both have their pros and cons. Go through it properly and choose the right PHP web development company that can cater to your project needs, not the one trying to sell you.

Understand the Project Execution Process

You will have to understand how your project execution will shape up. Try to understand how your hired PHP web development company will entertain the changes you may request in the future. In addition, ask the web development team how they will align the development process with your existing team to meet your requirements or accomplish your goals.

Backup Plan for an Emergency

A solid backup plan is essential for the smooth execution of any web development process. Before you hire a PHP web developer, ask them if they have enough resources to cope with any emergency. What will they do if any team member is on leave or suddenly leave the project? Also, what will be their handover process if someone is going to leave the existing web development team? 

Supportive Tools & Modes of Communication

Talking about the means of communication and project collaboration tools the PHP web developers use is essential, especially in the case of multiple teams handling the project or remote development projects. You may ask them to use tracking tools to ensure transparency. In addition, ask them about the tools for the code repository and bug tracking.

Ask about Support Teams

Apart from verifying the skills of PHP developers, you have to ask the web development company about its support teams. You must know how the company tackles other supportive technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React Native, etc. Make sure to choose a web development company with a full-fledged front-end developer team. Aside, you should ask the web development company if it has a project manager with expertise in planning and a quality assurance engineer who can ensure the web development is bug-free.

Portfolio Check & Signing the Contract

At last, you can’t ignore going through the company’s portfolio and checking its previous and current records. Checking the company’s portfolio will help you to know about their expertise and experience in handling various projects. Read the clients’ testimonials and their views on the projects they have outsourced to the company. 


We understand it is not easy for you to hire a PHP web developer. But following the tips above will help you choose the right company and experts. While taking steps to hire a PHP developer, make sure to strike a balance between cost, experience, and time taken for the entire development process. When you hire reliable PHP web developers, please remember that they will help you create a dynamic website within your budget and keep you updated using their knowledge and innovation.

Guest article written by: Mosche Amara is an experienced PHP web developer with a natural flair for writing blogs and articles. He passionately shares his ideas about different web development frameworks and technologies through his blogs.