November 26, 2018

Java is the most popular programming language in the world. There are more than nine million programmers and it is present in seven billion devices in the world. Almost nothing. So, if you want to learn how to program, Java is an option that can not be missing among your abilities. Inquiring about applications and […]

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What is IoT? Role of python in IoT development

May 24, 2018

Everyone’s talks about IoT devices, and how they are going to impact on daily lives. IoT devices connect with other IoT enabled devices to transfer data without involving human beings. Many programming languages are used to develop IoT devices, but which one of these languages are efficient in developing IoT? In this blog, we will […]

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Things you need to know before you hire a Java Developer

February 5, 2018

These days programming languages have got a great scope and demand in the market. No doubt those concepts like C, C++, Java, and HTML are the leading one in the town and if you are planning to start up with the business, you need to make sure that you have developer holding a good knowledge […]

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Top 6 Best Online Java Compilers

January 17, 2018

Today, the world is moving to the cloud. Every application that used to be done in desktop has some online version. Many have almost replaced the desktop variants, and others are being replaced. Jeff Atwood, Cofounder of Stack Overflow, quoted “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.” One […]

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The Forever programming languages

September 26, 2017

There are about ten thousand different programming languages that a developer can choose from. Of course, some languages are much more useful than others and there is no shortage of new languages being added to that list. Despite the huge list of available programming languages, few tend to stand out unaffected by time and place. […]

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4 Best Free Online Java Compilers and Runners

December 16, 2014

Learning coding and programming languages becomes very popular nowadays. People love to learn programming. Apart from schools & colleges, students approaches to academies specially to learn coding. Anyway, it is quite obvious and definite that for executing your codes, you need to use compilers software but if you don’t want to install such software on […]

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How to Easily Uninstall Java 7 on a Mac

December 4, 2012

Java 7 has caused countless headaches for Mac users around the world. The security vulnerabilities in Java 7 mean that some machines have been compromised by hackers who were able to break through the walls of security. In addition to the security problems, some Mac users running Java 7 have been plagued by bugs. These […]

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10 Tips for Working with a Mobile App Developer Freelancer

November 14, 2012

I’ve recently decided to get into the mobile apps industry. I had great ideas but little experience in code and app development, which meant I had to find another solution for executing my plan of launching an app. Through the process of looking for a developer, characterizing the app in a proper way, handling ongoing […]

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Oracle News

November 10, 2012

Oracle has moved on since the news ‘Charles Phillips Resigns as President of Oracle’. The company is taking advantage of its three recent acquisitions building a better platform for businesses to grab the attention of their customers through social media. The new [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]SRM software[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]SRM software[/tp] from the company allows businesses to track their customers […]

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Can you develop Sat-Nav to include even more information?

October 21, 2011

Satellite Navigational technology is consistently developing and some of the world’s leading Java Development teams are working to develop a sat-nav system that provides the best assistance to people on the move that they could possibly need.  Java developers in some of the very best Java Job positions have already explored how sat-nav can help […]

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BlackBerry API Gears Up For Mobile Shopping

August 21, 2010

With the imminent arrival of the new Motorola ES400, RIM is already adding EDA-like capabilities to its Blackberry phones. When the BlackBerry 6 mobile operating system was released with the BlackBerry Torch 9800, it already supported an API for barcode scanning, one of the main features of a typical EDA. An API or Application Programming […]

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Official: iPhone OS 4 With Multitasking Coming Summer 2010

April 8, 2010

In an event today, Apple has at its headquarters in Cupertino announced features of the new iPhone OS 4, to be released during Summer 2010 (comes to the iPad during Fall). Steve Jobs took the stage to tell how Apple has won the J.D. Power award three times in a row, for highest customer satisfaction. […]

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10 Unknown Tech Heroes That You Would Not Have Been Without

July 13, 2009

You know the names Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other celebrities in the IT industry. None of these IT-celebrities would be making a name if it were not for a bunch of rather unknown tech heroes who made the really big discoveries. Swedish PC World has compiled a list of the ten largest technology heroes […]

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Congratulations, App Store – 1 Year Birthday

July 13, 2009

It’s been one year already, since App Store was launched along with the iPhone 3G. When App Store was first launched it came with around 500 applications and the next weekend they had already 10 million downloads. Nine months later, Apple’s App Store reached one billion downloads and had over 35,000 applications in place. No […]

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