Top Smartphone Brand Ambassadors (India) In 2013

The demand for smartphones is increasing day by day. Firms across India and abroad are doing their best to launch highly competitive devices in the market. Smartphone manufacturers have realized that no matter how good their device is, they need the right person to promote it. While there have been several smartphone brand ambassadors in … Read more →

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone: What’s New and Why You’ll Want to Pay Attention

BlackBerry is back with a new iteration of smart phone within what some believe a crucial time.  Loyal advocates haven’t noticed a lapse in the company’s quality despite heavy competition within the marketplace.  The Z10 is among the manufacturer’s proudest accomplishments to date, and executives hope extended features and benefits place BlackBerry products in more … Read more →

The Growing Trend in BYOD – What’s It All About?

The tech industry seems to have a new trend each week with smartphones leading the way, followed by tablet computers, 4G and super-thin, lightweight devices proving popular – it all depends what the ‘cool’ people are using! In the business world it’s slightly different with companies bringing in the latest ‘must have’ innovations to help … Read more →

BlackBerry BBM Draws in Millions

A new door has opened for BlackBerry users wanting to connect with those using Apple and Android devices. A new version of BlackBerry’s proprietary messaging platform was recently released and at first glance, is proving to be quite successful. In its first 24 hours of availability, the free instant messaging software app was downloaded 10 … Read more →

All you want to know about Blackberry Z10

Research in Motion Limited (RIM), well known for its Blackberry Smartphones is ruling almost every other news blogs. Blackberry Smartphones are hugely appreciated worldwide, though the company has been criticised in recent years for not being an active innovator. With the great success of Google’s Android and Microsoft Windows Phone, Blackberry was left a bit … Read more →

BlackBerry 10 Lockscreen Now Available to Android Users

The innovative lockscreen that Research in Motion demonstrated during the announcement of the release of BlackBerry 10 has made an appearance elsewhere. The lockscreen, called “curtain”-style, is now available for some Android devices that run on Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich. When locked, the screen shows merely the time and date against a black … Read more →

Mobile Operating Systems – An Overview Of Security Features

Increasing use of cell phones has extended this industry and now a day more Smartphones are sold than PCs. Smartphones are playing an important role not in the personal life of people but in their corporate life too. According to a study, a person spends more time on his Smartphone as compared to internet browsing. … Read more →

Analyzing the security features and loopholes of major mobile operating systems

With the sales of smartphones starting to exceed those of PCs, companies have started to look at these mobile devices as more than just fancy accessories that employees are given as “perks”. Smartphones are becoming a critical part of daily corporate life. Indeed, recent studies show that the average user spends more time on mobile … Read more →

Why You Should Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Believe it or not, mobile commerce is steadily increasing day by day.  In the year 2013, it has been estimated that there will be about 1.7 billion mobile users!  This is very good news for online businesses that will benefit greatly if potential customers will be able to access their websites from their mobile devices.  … Read more →

GTalk or BBM – No Conversation is a Secret Now!

Ever wondered if you could get hold of a genie to solve all your problems? A genie which could show you the real picture of your loved ones? Well, now you can actually get your hands on a genie that can monitor the activities of your desired targets via effective and reliable cell phone monitoring. … Read more →

Is the iPhone 4S Future Proofed for Another 12 Months?

The iPhone 4 was a device that stayed at the very top of the pile in terms of the best phones on offer for well over a year. In fact, between the launch of the iPhone 4 and the recent launch of the iPhone 4S there has only really been one mobile phone deal that … Read more →

Android closing in on Apple’s iOS in the US

Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and RIM’s Blackberry OS are somewhat even in the United States in terms of market shares. Apple is leading with 28.6% market shares for smartphones and Android is just behind with 25.8%, according to data collected by The Nielsen Company in November 2010. A difference between iOS and Android of just … Read more →

[Funny & True] How smartphone users see other smartphone users – iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry

Ever seen a Mac vs PC discussion thread online? Or iPhone vs Android? Or Nikon vs Canon? You get the idea. Some people just don’t see what else is in the world and will – no matter the cost – defend their own choice of product over any of the competition. What many people seem … Read more →

Smartphone reliability: iPhone 4 with fewest failures, but…

  A new study conducted by SquareTrade after analyzing failure rates of over 5,000 smartphones covered by SquareTrade Care Plans, shows that Apple’s iPhone 4 has the fewest failures with 2.1% failures within its first year. Below Apple you find Motorola with 2.3% and HTC with 3.7%. Another interesting observation is that when it comes … Read more →