Smartphone reliability: iPhone 4 with fewest failures, but…


Steve Jobs presents iPhone 4

A new study conducted by SquareTrade after analyzing failure rates of over 5,000 smartphones covered by SquareTrade Care Plans, shows that Apple’s iPhone 4 has the fewest failures with 2.1% failures within its first year.

Below Apple you find Motorola with 2.3% and HTC with 3.7%.

Another interesting observation is that when it comes to “failures due to accidents”, iPhone 4 is up to 13.8% with BlackBerry only at 6.7%. Obviously this is because glass breaks easier if dropped, than plastic, so iPhone 4 (with glass on front and back) is more likely to break.

It’s worth noting that some of the numbers in the report are projected, since the iPhone 4 has not even been available for a year yet.

Click here to read the entire SquareTrade report (pdf).

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4 thoughts on “Smartphone reliability: iPhone 4 with fewest failures, but…”

  1. Sounds about right. I have a Blackberry at the moment and it’s a pretty sturdy little phone, does the job. I’ll very likely be switching to the iPhone 4 or an Android phone in the near future though. I’ve got my eye on Windows Phone 7 as well.

    • To tell the truth it’s really hard to choose a smartphone. One tries to find out as much as possible but the statistics won’t help.


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