BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone: What’s New and Why You’ll Want to Pay Attention

blackberry-z10BlackBerry is back with a new iteration of smart phone within what some believe a crucial time.  Loyal advocates haven’t noticed a lapse in the company’s quality despite heavy competition within the marketplace.  The Z10 is among the manufacturer’s proudest accomplishments to date, and executives hope extended features and benefits place BlackBerry products in more hands and the brand in more ears in coming quarters.

[tp lang=”en” only=”y”]The Z10[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]The Z10[/tp], maintaining BlackBerry operating efficiencies, offers more entertainment options than ever before.


Keyless Keyboard

Taking notes from the Apple iPhone, the Z10 offers a touch keyboard, making typing easier as the system learns users’ writing styles and idiosyncrasies, making editing suggestions for better composition.

Hub Base

Smart phones do things from alerting when to take the roast out of the oven to how many miles to run toward a weekly goal.  The conveniences are astounding, but the confusion in navigating throughout a smart device can be alarming.  With one swipe, return to the BlackBerry Hub, the home base of user experience.

Shift Camera

Taking video snippets and camera shots are benefits of ownership, but how many failed attempts are made in taking great pictures?  The new shift feature captures images in a span of time, so the main shot is complemented with pre and post images, making the perfect picture a possibility with a bit of editing.

BBM Video

BBM function has evolved with the Z10.  Now, users can pass text messages, pictures, and video conference with other BlackBerry owners.  BBM has always been a quick and easy way to communicate with other users, but now, pass along multimedia messages or share your vantage point with new video options like never before.


The Remember feature allows users to place business and personal information in one place, providing future alerts, segmenting into categories and distinct tasks, and synchronizing with other devices and applications such as Microsoft’s Outlook.

Segment Work and Play

Smart phones address a universe of needs, some categorized as ‘personal’ and some ‘business.’  While making distinctions is your business, you want to ensure a phone slipup doesn’t occur; users need to keep personal matters aside from business endeavors.  The Balance feature allows users to switch from business to personal actions with the simple slide of a finger.

Smart Calendar

More people rely on their smart phones for business matters, whether making conference calls from the car or sending important documents from the airport.  Additionally, marking important events and dates is crucial; new features to the calendar allow for easy input, and older entries, remembered, facilitate faster and efficient composition.

Fast Browsing

The BlackBerry Browser is faster and more efficient than ever before, delivering a quick browsing experience and built-in share options.  Over time, one’s BlackBerry remembers history, tailoring results toward an owner’s estimated likes and trends.  The entire smart phone is engineered to align with user behavior.

Secure Usage

Smart phone users maintain passwords, keep personal pictures, and host business information; security is crucial.  The BlackBerry Protect feature allows users to trace a lost or stolen phone to the four corners of the Earth.  In a world of increasing security risks, BlackBerry keeps user content secure.

Tap Sharing

Smart phones make sharing entertainment and business parcels easy, but the Z10’s tap sharing function gives ‘passing information’ new meaning.  Transfer documents and information from one smart phone to another, simply aligning phones side by side.  Of course, the recipient must also feature a device with the same capabilities, but sharing has never been easier.

Voice Control

Using the device on the go is one of the benefits of owning a small smart device.  Users want to feed the children, clean the house, and pay the bills simultaneously with their phone.  Hands-free (to do other things) usage is possible with voice control.  The feature recognizes natural speech patterns.  Make composing a document, emailing or tweeting easier, using your voice rather than fingers.

Picture Options

The [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]BlackBerry Z10[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]BlackBerry Z10[/tp] is stocked with photographic options, allowing users to edit and share with precision.  The 8-mega pixel camera lets users switch from back to front lenses, apply artistic filters, and leverage a Storyteller application that lends dramatization to a series or theme of pictures.

Great Display

The Z10’s display screen is a magnificent 4.2 inches, delivering 356 ppi.  The thinner responsive design makes it easy to see pictures, type messages, and watch videos with stunning detail.

Public Address

In October, BlackBerry executives publicly addressed consumers and the industry, reassuring readers the company was not under threat of takeover or closing despite buyout rumors and industry-related metrics of decline and steep competition.

The open letter reminds readers of BlackBerry’s legacy of excellence, its support from government agencies, and intentions of improving its products and services to meet the changing demands of 21st century consumers, businesses, and government agencies.  While strict industry gurus patiently wait to see if BlackBerry’s long-term abilities meet its aspirations, long-time supporters and remaining advocates received the letter well.

October 2013’s 10.2 Update

BlackBerry plans to roll out its 10.2 update throughout the month of October, with a number of advocates and owners sending news of its reception from around the world including [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Singapore[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Singapore[/tp] and India.  The update is sized at 117 MB, delivering a bunch of new features and options to Z10 and Q10 owners.


BlackBerry announced 10 million users downloaded its new BBM video app within the first 24 hours of its release.  What’s interesting is the application is made available for BlackBerry phone users as well as those who own Android and Apple devices, competitors of BlackBerry.  Adding more irony, the BBM app skyrocketed to the number one spot within the Apple Store and received more than 80,000 five-star reviews from those using Google Play (Google’s virtual store).

BlackBerry continues, adding fire to its legacy with its latest product, the Z10.  Amid rumors of decline and fierce competition from some of the world’s leading brands, stoic executives remind loyalists of the company’s strong list of assets and nimble infrastructure, leveraging the ability to provide products and services to consumers, businesses, and world governments.

Guest article written by: Anthony White is studying business communications. He enjoys sharing his research and ideas on business and technology blogs.

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