Top tips to help you choose the right flat screen TV for your home

samsung_ps42c91h_front_plasma_tvToday, the electronics market is buzzing with myriad products that were never been seen or heard of earlier and this adds more pressure on you as a buyer to make the right decision. With the ever increasing number of products, learning more about them and getting detailed information is the key to make a satisfying purchase. The same rule applies when purchasing a flat screen TV. Many people are influenced by the size and the popularity of the company that they completely overlook the features that add on to its functionality only to repent their decision later. Following the advice of a flat screen expert is important to buy the flat screen TV that will not only accessorize your home well, making it look appealing but will also ensure that it meets your needs in terms of the functionality. Since flat screen televisions are available in a plethora of sizes and corresponding prices, it is important that you follow these guidelines to make sure you make the most of the money spent on your little splurging activity.

1. Know the types of flat screen TVs:

Before you venture into the market and make your purchase, try to learn more about the different types of flat screen TVs that are available in the market. As a rule of thumb, you will always find 3 types – Plasma, LCD and LED.

These flat screens differ in various aspects. However, one very important aspect that should not be forgone is the contrast ratio. At any given time, the contrast ratio must be high. A Plasma television emerges a winner in this case followed by Backlit LED and ending with LCD and Edge Lit LED. These are not the deciding factors but they do make an impact on your TV viewing experience.

2. Selecting your TV based on motion:

If you are into watching television channels that air sports car races or similar fast paced action videos, it is best that you opt for Plasma TVs. However, with the rapid advancement in the field of technology and the constant urge to keep up with the changing trends has brought LED and LCD to the same level as Plasma TV.

3. Electric consumption matters:

While a flat screen TV may look elegant and perfect in your living room, it may end up burning a hole in your pocket when the electricity bill arrives. In case of Plasma TV, the electricity consumption is most since it requires every sub pixel in the television to be lit up. On the contrary, an LCD television consumes much less power whereas power consumption is least in an LED television.

4. The screen resolution is important:

All the types of flat screen TVs offer a superior viewing experience due to a good quality and high screen resolution of either 720p or 1080p. As opposed to cable television or tube television, flat screen televisions have the ability to offer exceptional picture quality. Therefore, when you walk into a store to purchase a flat screen TV, the screen resolution is one factor that you must ask the retailer. He must be willing to give you a comprehensive explanation on the benefits of the screen resolution and how it can change your TV viewing experience.

5. Additional accessories:

Any flat screen expert will expect you to look into additional features that the flat screen TV offers. For instance, there must be a USB slot and a separate slot for an HDMI cable as well. Besides, a smart flat screen TV will enable you to connect to the internet and get access to varied applications like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more right from your television screen.

Guest article written by: Craig Marshall is a freelance writer and a [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]FlatScreenExpert[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]FlatScreenExpert[/tp]. He also blogs regularly on varied technology related topics and loves to cook meals for his family on weekends. Sunday roasts are his favourite and he is also an avid traveller.

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  1. Thanks for explaining to me how learning more about digital products and getting detailed information can help me make a satisfying purchase. The old television we have at home stopped working last month and I thought that it would be better to have it replaced by an HD television. I’ll try to check known brands for reviews before buying anything.


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