Apple unveils new HomePod with Breakthrough Sound and Intelligence

The all-new HomePod is packed with the intelligent Siri assistant, Apple innovations and smart home capabilities, while providing a truly immersive listening experience. Apple on Wednesday (January 18) announced the latest HomePod (2nd generation), a great smart speaker that brings out next-level acoustics in a gorgeous and elegant design. When compared to the first HomePod … Read more →

Apple’s HomePod mini launches New Colors this November

The tech giant announced the new color variants for the HomePod during the Unleashed event, adding new orange, blue and yellow HomePod minis to the lineup to give consumers more choices when purchasing a speaker. Apple announced Monday that the new colors are now available starting this November. HomePod mini gives off an impressive sound, … Read more →

MacBook Pro, AirPods 3 and Everything else that Apple announced at its October Event

Let’s check out all the things announced at the Apple Event “Unleashed” held on Monday, October 18, 2021. AirPods 3 Apple announced the arrival of its third-generation AirPods, which received a major revamp, now sporting a design similar to that of the AirPods Pro. The new models now include spatial audio, an H1 chip and … Read more →

Apple creates Update to Unlock your iPhone even while Wearing a Face Mask

Pretty soon iPhone users will finally be able to unlock their smartphones without having to completely remove their face masks in public. However, there is one catch – it requires an extra Apple device. Apple is working on the iOS 14.5 version update that will enable iPhone users to unlock the face recognition security tool … Read more →

Hey Siri, tell them how I am feeling

Talking about feelings and emotions has always been a complicated issue. Luckily today, immersed in the middle of the era of affective computing, we are more aware of it. We are witnessing how the interaction between humans and machines evolves, how our phones increasingly know more about us. We are aware about the development of … Read more →

New Apple TV ads for “Siri” – feat. Zooey Deschanel & Samuel L. Jackson

Apple usually doesn’t use famous people in their advertisements, but this time round they have: Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel appears as themselves in a TV ad for “Siri” and iPhone 4S. Other famous’ish people Apple have used in the past were Justin Long and John Hodgman, but they were actors, playing the “I’m … Read more →

Is the iPhone 4S Future Proofed for Another 12 Months?

The iPhone 4 was a device that stayed at the very top of the pile in terms of the best phones on offer for well over a year. In fact, between the launch of the iPhone 4 and the recent launch of the iPhone 4S there has only really been one mobile phone deal that … Read more →

Forget the Five?

Our hopes were high. Everyone was ready to bust down the doors of Apple and purchase a shiny new iPhone 5. We were chomping at the bit for information from the exclusive “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. We settled for reading about what was happening at the event instead of watching it. Then, after talking about everything Apple but … Read more →