Apple creates Update to Unlock your iPhone even while Wearing a Face Mask

Pretty soon iPhone users will finally be able to unlock their smartphones without having to completely remove their face masks in public.

However, there is one catch – it requires an extra Apple device.

Apple is working on the iOS 14.5 version update that will enable iPhone users to unlock the face recognition security tool or Face ID, that is, if they also happen to be wearing an Apple Watch.

At this time, Face ID is able to recognize when someone is wearing a mask, and it triggers the passcode entry screen to appear. This update has been started by Apple in May 2020, as their way to keep users safe amid the pandemic.

The latest update, which is part of a developer beta test that is available now, shall allow an iPhone to communicate with a synced Apple Watch when the phone is held to use Face ID.

Once the authentication is finished and take note that the devices must be close together, the iPhone will then automatically unlock whereas the Apple Watch will vibrate.

Users will need to opt in to this feature, Apple said.

For security precautions, the update will only work simply to unlock the phone. Users will still have to type in a passcode when making transactions via Apple Pay, iTunes or the App Store if they are wearing a mask.

This latest update is another step forward for supporting the use of face masks for protection amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It also gives Apple customers a reason to buy themselves a smartwatch, or at least use the one they already have more than ever now.

The feature shall be introduced as part of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update, along with App Tracking controls and Transparency, so users can have a better understanding of which apps track which. There is also an update to Siri that allows you to ask it to call your emergency contacts. Support for new PlayStation and Xbox game controllers has also been added. As for iPad users, the Scribble handwriting recognition feature has been expanded to identify French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages.

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