Top 3 features of Apple’s new iOS 6 

It has been a while now since Apple has release a major update for is mobile operating system and this is definitely one of them. The update to the iOS platform contains more changes than the last few updates combined which I have to say is definitely a good thing. With Android’s market share in the US increasing and their new flagship phones being released lime the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X paired with the new jelly beans Android update they are being to look a lot more dangerous for Apple than they did a few months ago.

Here are a the top 3 features in the new update that Apple will use to fight back against Google’s mobile OS:

1. PassBook – In my opinion PassBook is brilliant and quite possibly the start of something amazing. The app lets you store everything you would usually have to keep in your pocket on your phone. There is the ability to store cinema tickets, store cards, board passes, travel tickets and many more things. The reason this is so great is the potential it could be Apple’s foot in the door to the digital payments game which is growing bigger by the month and is definitely something that Apple will get into while it is welding the power of iOS.

2. Facebook integration – Facebook is a must in this modern world of social interactivity and the growing user base of the site. With twitter already integrated into iOS it was only a matter of time before Facebook would follow suit, especially since mobile is being their large traffic source. The added integration lets you do things like update photos and contact information that will be vital to some users of iOS6.

3. Siri – While Google is releasing it’s Siri competitor in its next update. Apple’s Siri has been on the market for a while now so Apple should hopefully improve it’s quality dramatically in iOS 6. We already know they are improving its functionally with the ability to ask for cinema times and sports scores. They are also including Siri on the iPad with the iOS 6 update however it will only be available on the iPad 3. With the age of the product they will also be able to improve the quality of Siri voice recognition as well as adding more languages.

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Guest article by: This article was written by Tom who writes for the Apple news blog Apple-technology He also like to write about iOS products such as the iPad scanner from the Armenante site.


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Guest article by: This article was written by Tom who writes for the Apple news blog Apple-technology. He also like to write about iOS products such as the iPad scanner from the Armenante site.


9 thoughts on “Top 3 features of Apple’s new iOS 6 ”

  1. I doubt I’ll be finding myself using passbook in the future, but being able to quickly share to Facebook and use Siri on my iPad will be great!

    My other favorite features are iCloud tabs (sync tabs between devices) and the Mobile Safari app notifier (tells you if an app exists for a website).

  2. It is a good thing that Apple tries to update its operating system, but I consider that they don’t stand a chance against Android. In the near future, Google will gain more share due to the flexibility and innovative features of Android.

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing what improvements can be made to SIRI. I feel like it is already pretty decent, however, making this even better could really make the iPhone stand out from the competition.

  4. The Assistive Touch menu has changed, with Voice Control and multi-tasking added. The layout has differed slightly with a couple functions being moved around, and a couple more menus splitting things up.

  5. Interesting features and PassBook i like the most. Its ability is really awesome to keep the usual things on phone rather than pocket. BTW the mobile users get benefits of the fight between Google and Apple. The iOS 6 is really great but Google’s android jelly bean also offer many new features like Google Now, Offline Voice Typing, Extended Notification etc….Google is working hard t0 prove android better than iOS. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very interesting article there.
    here is something about apple and samsung galaxy and have a look.

  7. That PassBook is something I am really looking forward to. I am no already storing everything by capturing it with a photo.

    The Facebook integration will be pretty cool as well, Twitter works great now, with Facebook and Apple combining their forces in this device it could become something interesting!

    Nice article 🙂


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