Woman named Siri asks Apple CEO for Free MacBook after ‘Years of Jokes’

A woman named Siri has sent an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook, asking for a laptop as a gift for her 30th birthday. She believes she deserved the laptop after enduring ‘years of jokes’ about her name.

Siri Hafso always thought her lovely name was very unique. However, it all changed when in 2011 the California-based company Apple integrated into their iPhone 4s the first virtual assistant with a voice, and named it Siri.

Since then, the name Siri became one of the most common names around the world, and for that she feels Apple owes her something in return as consolation. She wrote an email to Tim Cook, in the hopes he would accommodate her request of being given a laptop for free.

Shared on TikTok, the message Siri wrote was, “Hello Tim, I’ll get right to it – I have a favor to ask. You see my name is Siri. Yes, Siri. And up until 2011, I was the kid who could never find their name on a keychain at the souvenir shop. I was the teen who knew when the nurses were about to call me because they would look at the clipboard in confusion not knowing how to pronounce my name. I was the young adult who was always told ‘you’re name is so beautiful and unique!’ I think you can see where this is going.”

The text on the video says, “I wrote an email to the CEO of Apple asking for a computer because I feel like they owe me after enduring years of Siri jokes. I turn 30 next month and I don’t have one, this is my only wish, please help me get in touch TikTok.”

The video has indeed gone viral, racking up over 17,000 likes and many funny comments.

One TikTok user commented, “Honestly you deserve it. Imagine hearing people yell your name and then barking orders at you.”

Another user who also happened to share her plight wrote, “As an Alexa I totally feel your pain. ‘Alexa turn on the lights’, ‘Alexa what’s the weather ‘, it never ends.”

Now, whenever Hafso meets someone for the first time and they learn her name, all she ever hears is “Siri? Like the iPhone? or “Did your parents name you after the iPhone”, despite the fact that Siri turns 30 years old in June.

Siri reveals her MacBook “took its final breath” in 2014, and that even the Genius at her Apple Store appointment asked for her ID because they did not believe she has the exact same name as the tech giant’s voice-activated personal assistant.

Hafso also reveals that she lost her acting job due to COVID-19. She was supposed to perform in a show that was one night away from opening night.

She humbly requests Tim Cook for any MacBook that Apple could spare, even one missing a key, sitting on a shelf in storage, or one that “is refurbished after having one too many coffees spilled on its keyboard”.

Check out Siri Hafso’s full email here.

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