Android closing in on Apple’s iOS in the US

Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and RIM’s Blackberry OS are somewhat even in the United States in terms of market shares.

Apple is leading with 28.6% market shares for smartphones and Android is just behind with 25.8%, according to data collected by The Nielsen Company in November 2010. A difference between iOS and Android of just 2.8%, compared to a 5.2% difference in October.

BlackBerry is losing market shares though, going from 27.4% in October to 26.1% in November.

Back in June 2010 the numbers were quite different –

  • Apple: 27.9%
  • Blackberry: 33.9%
  • Android: 15%

It won’t be long now till Android takes the lead, let’s just hope Google soon will fix the SMS bug that sends your text messages to random contacts

15 thoughts on “Android closing in on Apple’s iOS in the US”

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  2. Android is a great mobile OS but i think some credit has to be given to companies like HTC and Samsung. Nobody is going to buy a smartphone that looks ugly or has a terrible screen, no matter how snappy the UI is.

  3. Great. Actually, I am looking forward for the improvement of Android. For me, as compared to Apple, Android products seems to be not that attractive in just one look. So, it is also important to have a catchy outer appearance of the product along with the nice applications and latest addons.

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  6. I agree that the Android OS is great but also think the Apple iOS is awesome too. Both are great for media while the Blackberry is obviously the business leader. Android may take the lead one day but Apple will never be far behind.

  7. Android is really a good OS and the best one for the mobile app. While the Apple iOS is only for the Apple gadget’s android can be used normally and hence is taking on the market rapidly.
    Thanks for the post and really appreciate your work of sharing the information.

  8. Android and AppleiOS both are great for media.I think andriod OS functionality and product is great but change the outer appearance …Android is a very flexible platform and hence customized security applications

  9. Android has been rapidly gaining market share and giving Apple a run for their money. Google vs Apple and become the next Coke vs Pepsi.

  10. Pity android mobiless are simply not as attractive and as well built as the iphone despite what anyone can say… Id buy an iphone with android running on it for any price

  11. I like to use this two phones but I love the features of Apple. Though they have comparison when it comes to OS I don’t really mind it as long as I can use it to communicate. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The best thing about Apple is its huge marketplace of application and its speed. This two factors contribute most to why Apple,is now one of the leading brands for mobile phone.

  13. I personally love my android phone, but I respect Apple for the high quality products that they produce. I think anyone that denies that is insane. Respect has to be given where it is deserved.


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