Firefox takes the browser lead in Europe

For the first time, Firefox is now the most used browser in Europe. Firefox reached a market share of 38.11% in December, leaving behind Internet Explorer in 2nd place with 37.52%.

Firefox doesn’t have themselves to thank though, as the reason for being number one is mostly because of Internet Explorer losing market shares due to Google Chrome going from 5.05% in December 2009 to 14.58% in December 2010.

The European Union decided some 1-2 years ago that Windows users in Europe should be presented with a list of alternative browsers so everybody would have to decide whether or not they wanted to keep Internet Explorer as their primary browser or select from a few others, including Firefox and Google Chrome.

Opera and Apple’s Safari continues to have around five percent market share each.

Worldwide, however, Internet Explorer is still leading with 46.95% with Firefox in 2nd place with 30.76% and Google Chrome in 3rd with 14.85%.

The above data has been collected by StatCounter by gathering information from three million websites worldwide.

15 thoughts on “Firefox takes the browser lead in Europe”

  1. Sweet! I personally think that Firefox has some plugins that rock the house. I use both IE and Firefox myself. Almost always Firefox when I’m reading blogs though. It seems like the new IE8 has issues with some of the blog designs.

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  4. Internet Explorer has shown some improvement over the years but Firefox is definitely a more functional and user friendly browser. Microsoft had to shape up a few years ago when Mozilla Firefox came out or they would be much worse off today. Chrome and Safari are OK but for internet users that rely heavily on plug-ins, Firefox is definitely king of browsers.

  5. Firefox still rocks because of wide variety of plugins and addons to choose from. But for sure, Chrome will rock the 2011.

  6. I always recommend my friends Firefox web browser. Because it is most secured and has many addon supports and also open source.

  7. That’s a great news! Firefox and Google Chrome will be the next most popular web browsers in Europe. The day is not so far!

  8. I am surpised it too his long .. IE is just a big fat browser riddled with slowdowns especially the dreaed startup refocus bug, which is still outstanding to this day

  9. I have been off of IE for about a year now. Went exclusively to FF which prior to that I only used when I needed the Firebug when doing web development.

    About a month ago I tried Chrome and now never use FF. It’s screaming fast on my MacBook PRO and the FireBug capability is built in already [inspect element].

    The beat goes on..

  10. Its just because IBM has made firefox as defualt browser for all its devices and chrome is far better than Mozilla in Speed,security.

  11. I love firefox. It is so easy to use. I hadn’t heard of it until my boss asked me to use it, and I couldn’t imagine using anything else now.

  12. Hi
    I also use mozilla firefox and it is really awesome.I partly also use google chrome.Thats great to mozilla is growing and can beat internet explorer

  13. Firefox rules! with stable browsing, lots of add on and plugin, this browser will lead the the world better to the internet

  14. When I used Firefoxs. But it was constantly fail especially the latest version.
    Many applications will not open and just a flash is not very friendly.
    Google Chrome now think in the first place


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