EU Law will force Apple to switch to USB-C Charger for iPhones by 2024

It seems the life of the lightning cable from Apple is nearing its end as the European Parliament has passed a legislation that requires all smart devices sold in Europe to have the USB type-C connector.  This forces companies like Apple to get rid of their proprietary connector and adhere to the implemented law. The … Read more →

How To Prepare To Expand Your Small Business Into Europe

If you’re a small business trying to grow, you might be focussing only on growing at home, but there are potential customers for your products and services all over the world. No matter what size your business, you can expand your business internationally into Europe to reach even more possible consumers and become even more … Read more →

Firefox takes the browser lead in Europe

For the first time, Firefox is now the most used browser in Europe. Firefox reached a market share of 38.11% in December, leaving behind Internet Explorer in 2nd place with 37.52%. Firefox doesn’t have themselves to thank though, as the reason for being number one is mostly because of Internet Explorer losing market shares due … Read more →