Astounding Eight Skills to Look into a Node.JS Developer

Node.js development is popular these days for building business solutions because it offers several advantages over other technologies. For example, it can handle many concurrent requests without blocking or slowing down due to its event-driven and non-blocking I/O model; additionally, Node.JS smoothly runs on several OS and platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, and cloud services.  … Read more →

Apple App Store generated $1.1 Trillion in Sales in 2022

A study conducted by economists from Analysis Group and sponsored by Apple has revealed that App Store users reportedly spent a whopping $1.1 trillion. The findings were shared by the tech giant on Wednesday, May 31, as part of an ongoing initiative to showcase the advantages of the App Store and the achievements of developers … Read more →

7 Strategies For Efficient Software Development And Deployment

The SaaS market is expanding quickly all around the world, and it’s crucial to remember that the need for fresh software solutions constantly drives development teams to create cutting-edge goods. We’ll need extensive market research and analysis of the competition and hire dedicated developers, but a knowledgeable team of developers, operations managers, and marketers will … Read more →

Django Vs Nodejs: Which Framework to Choose in 2022?

Django and Node.js are backend technologies that offer application architecture along with testing, debugging and database management tools. With effective back-end frameworks, you can ensure increased productivity and a streamlined web development process. Both are budding technologies and are open source and available for free to develop web applications without any licensing. Continue further to … Read more →

Few Tips on How to Hire top NodeJS Developers 

NodeJS has a huge impact on the majority of enterprises in the market present on online platforms that acknowledge and operate NodeJS for web app creation. This open-source platform facilitates programmers to build scalable web apps based on Chrome’s JavaScript engine and can operate across multiple platforms. In other words, it is a technology that … Read more →

Apple launches Tech Talks 2021 for Developers

Apple has announced Tech Talks 2021, a series of more than 100 sessions and one-on-one conversations geared specifically for developers Apple shall be running over 100 live sessions for developers over the next eight weeks. Through Tech Talks, developers can directly connect with Apple experts to learn more about new tech, ask questions and receive … Read more →