Apple’s new “spaceship” HQ in Cupertino

August 18, 2011

The development proposal for Apple’s new HQ, Apple Campus 2, has now been published on Cupertino’s website. The project has not yet been approved by the city of Cupertino, but Apple is expecting to create new workspaces with their new Apple Campus 2, so Cupertino will probably not have any problems in approving the plans. […]

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AT&T Leak Shows Concern for Their Internal Security Processes

August 10, 2010

In the past, users connected to the Internet through a broadband connection. But with the advent of personal, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad, we have new security concerns—especially with the wireless operators who serve these devices. Take the recent reports about AT&T’s leak of over 100,000 personal email […]

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Three Million iPads Sold In 80 Days, Apple Says

June 22, 2010

Apple just came out with a press release (read it below), stating that they have now sold three million iPads in less than three months, in fact, in just 80 days. In the last three weeks alone, they sold a million iPads. Overall, that’s 26 iPads sold every minute, on average. In May, the iPad […]

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Friday Flick Find: Steve Jobs’ Meanest Jokes About Microsoft

February 26, 2010

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, turned 55 yesterday. Happy Birthday, Steve! I hope you didn’t get a Magic Mouse though 🙂 Because of Steve’s birthday this week, I want to dedicate this Friday Flick Find to him. Well, to his “jokes”, that is. I doubt we will see much of this in the future, unless Microsoft […]

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Apple Builds Giant Data Center In North Carolina – But For What?

August 22, 2009

Earlier this month Google CEO Erik Schmidt parted with the Apple board of directors because Apple and Google are closing in on each others core businesses. Most people will probably say that Google is closing in on Apple, with the launch of Android, Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS and so on, which was also said […]

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Breaking News: Steve Jobs Spotted… Where He Works!

July 31, 2009

Buckle up people, this is going to rock you! Steve Jobs was recently spotted…. outside his own company’s headquarters in Cupertino. Yes, that’s right. How cool is that. TMZ even got a picture of him and Jonathan Ive – snapped with an iPhone of course. How is this breaking news? Well it isn’t, really… I’d […]

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