December 2010: Blog Summary & Income Report

2011 is the number of the year which means bye bye to 2010 and also bye bye to December. I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year and I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year as well.

There’s no way around it, you’re probably here to read the December 2010 numbers for, so here you go…

December ’10

Visits: 28,000
Pageviews: 36,615
Pages/visit 1.31
Bounce rate: 79%
Avg. time on site: 0:47
New visits: 92%
Blog comments: 308
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 12%
Search engines: 52%
Referring sites: 35%
Other: 1%
Google Adsense: $73
Ebuzzing: £80
Amazon: $18.44
Sponsored Reviews: $20
Sponsored Tweets: $1.29
NewsHosting and
Direct ads/reviews: $80
Kontera: $9.29
Craft & Vision: $14.70
TOTAL: $370

Conclusion: December ’10

Visits increased by a few thousands compared to November. Income dropped about $80. In the November report, I expected a drop in visitors and a huge drop in Income for December, but a slight increase in visitors and a moderate drop in income surprises me somewhat – it turned out better than I had hoped for.

I’m glad to see Kontera finally picking up. Almost 10 bucks a month makes it worth using and hopefully it will not decline.

I also did a photography article on what’s drawing the eye (visual mass) based on some of the books from Craft & Vision, where most of them (eBooks) are written by famous photographer David duChemin. I love those books and I’ve bought almost every single one of them (they’re just $5 each!) and comes either as an iPad app or a PDF file – go check it out at Craft & Vision.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts: December

Below you’ll find top 5 most viewed posts last month. When a post has been published doesn’t matter, it’s how many views each of them have had in the previous month. Here they are:

  1. Top 10 Gadgets I Want For Christmas – And Maybe You Would Too? [2010]
  2. Funny Pictures: Google Street View Launched In Denmark
  3. HTC Desire HD vs HTC Mozart – Froyo vs WP7
  4. Google Street View – More Funny Pictures (Part 1 of 2)
  5. Aperture 3 Performance Fix – Make Slow Aperture Run Faster

If you’re a blogger/webmaster – how was last month for you? Leave a comment below & get a free do-follow* link back to your site!

I reserve the right to “no-follow” links if your site is not yet indexed in Google or if your site seems questionable or just an attempt to spam. In almost all cases, a real comment from a real human being will get a do-follow link, unless you enter keywords instead of your name, which is not allowed!

20 thoughts on “December 2010: Blog Summary & Income Report”

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  5. Last month is a good month for me. I think. Well, earnings don’t differ much from the other month but traffic is. Hopefully, this 2011, a good change and increase of things will happen.

  6. My adsense was banned~~and amozon password got lost, ho, that’s so bad for me`~~

    Not a good english writter, so can’t build a high traffic blog like you all~~~that’s so sad for me~~~

    And my niche network plan seems goona be abeyance cos the hosting problem~~~

    Thanks for your blogs of income stream~~~that gived me some idea to make money~~~

  7. You are getting a good number of visitors from Referring sites and almost all you are getting a good number of visitors but your adsense earning is low as your visitor is high. What’s the matter?

  8. Last month I managed to earn $1000 but unfortunately it would not be consistent as I had more private advertisers last month. Nevertheless, still happy about it 🙂 Wish I can earn more income from AdSense

    • It could have been my ad placement or something else, but I had TERRIBLE conversion with AdSense. I’ve switched over to Amazon and other advertising related specifically to my niche. I’m still experimenting with different ways to monetize. Do you guys still experiment with different methods of monetizing too?

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  12. I envy your stats man, especially the number of visits per month. Makes me realize how much work I have yet to go through and how much I need to learn to climb up the ranks.

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