Analyzing the security features and loopholes of major mobile operating systems

With the sales of smartphones starting to exceed those of PCs, companies have started to look at these mobile devices as more than just fancy accessories that employees are given as “perks”. Smartphones are becoming a critical part of daily corporate life. Indeed, recent studies show that the average user spends more time on mobile … Read more →

Windows Phone is the safest mobile OS – Android, not so much

According to Mikko Hypponen from software security company F-Secure, Windows Phone 8 is currently the most safe mobile operating system there is. Although Apple’s iOS is also commonly known as being safe, just as safe as BlackBerry for business use, it seems that F-Secure is giving the “safest” award to Windows Phone 8 at the … Read more →

Three smartphones to look forward to in 2012

This might not come as a surprise, but we are probably going to see some interesting phone launches in 2012. Probably not any revolutionary phones, rather evolutionary, but who knows – only time will tell. My personal favorite of anticipated smart phones in 2012 is of course the next iPhone, probably to be called Apple … Read more →